Nigeria Smokes The Most Weed In The World!

4개월 전

Two reports have determined that Nigeria tokes the most weed in the world.

Around 20% of adults smoke weed regularly, spending 15 billion a year.

Weed is illegal in Nigeria, and throughout most of Africa.

The results of the reports show Nigeria well in the lead:

Nigeria - 19.4%
Canada - 15.8%
United States - 15.0%

Africa spends $37 billion on cannabis with Nigeria at the top:

Nigeria - $15.3 billion
Ethiopia - $9.8 billion
Morrocco - $3.5 billion

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Wow. To think that it being illegal, the smoking of weed will be less in Africa. @bleepcoin, it's been a long time . I hope you are faring well

That explains why development is slow there lol

Nigeria also regularly tops the polls for the "happiest people in the world"
Correlation? Causation?