My Book is Live ...

2년 전

There's not much fanfare going on with my book being "published" and being live.

I think it is because there is still a whole lot of work that needs to be done for this project.

I need a blog specifically for the book. Where I can share graphics and fan art, and fully market my book.

I need a Pinterest and Twitter for my book or some type of different marketing plan.

My Etsy Page needs to be molded and put into effect. It is so bland and boring right now, I am sure it will attract 0 customers. If I am going to sell 850 copies per month than I need to get with it.

I need a captive audience. A newsletter? Somebody to tell that cares that my book is published.

I have done the part, of putting it up, now everything I do, will be one step closer to a book sale. I can imagine if I wait until I get everything done, then I might never publish. When it comes to my writing I am never done, and when it comes to online sales I haven't quite figured it out. So here is me going to step two - as starting this blog was step 1.

I WANT this writing career in the most tangible of ways and I will find a way to make it work, and the very first step with this project is to put my book out there, as is, as what I have.

I am sure at least my sister will buy a copy.

Are you interested in checking out my book? It is available in PDF copy and delivered via email. You can purchase it through Etsy or you can buy it here.

Here are the prices in STEEM and Tokens:

12 Steem
80 PAL
450 Marlians
100 LifeStyle
170 Neoxian
400 JAHM
300 WEED

For any sales made in TOKENS, 1/2 will be staked and 1/2 will be traded for steem (and moved off the blockchain and used to pay the bills for me and my three children).

Book will be delivered in PDF format via E-Mail.

Blowing Trees.pngDo you know of a different tribe that will accept my posts and work? Would you like to pay me in tokens of such tribe? I will welcome any offers.

Now that I am getting ready to publish this post I am getting more and more excited.

Thank you for being here - I know at least a handful of steemians are paying attention!

PS. For those of you who are wales of have large stakes in tokens, who want to pay in upvotes - THAT IS WELCOME too!

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Congratulations - publishing is a big hurdle!
You sound as if you have lots of ideas for promoting your book - maybe a short reading (2 or 3 minutes) posted on your blog could be another idea?

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That is a great idea. I was thinking about doing a reading but v-logging would be new to me.

Still anything so I can live off my writing and not have to have a 9-5 with a boss.

Thank you for visiting, I appreciate your support.


I was thinking about an audio recording using dsound, but vlogging is good, too. Both would be even better :)


So many tools! I am so happy I posted. I have so many ideas now.

And, the more of the dapps I use - the more users I reach, and the more tokens they have available for payment.

It is early today. I have lots of work, and am excited about it!



Awesome! If you have the guts for it a vlog can go a long way:)

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Thank you! I will get the guts for it, because this is what I want to do!

Cool! I actually gpt the steem. Ill send it with my email address in memo here in a bit


Wow thank you!!! I am so happy :) Sending it now..

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So cool you accept Steem and Steem-engine tokens to sell your work, finally this place is starting to look as it should.

Best regards.


Yes! I am excited and a little scared.

I priced it giving STEEM a $0.25USD price, and the tokens at their highest sale prices too. Hopefully it will encourage people to use them.

Maybe put up excerpts from the book or at least the description of the book.. you have my attention but i hVe absolutely no idea what this book is about.. i too am a middle aged stoner and could only imagine the countless possibilities of what this book could be about..


Thank you for your feedback. I have updated my Etsy Listing to include a synopsis/description of the book I do have some marketing plans for the book which include making it it's own blog, sharing exerpts, making posters out of quotes, and sharing fan art.

Every day is one step forward and as of now I have sold TWO copies. I am feeling mighty rich.

So glad to see one of our community members do cool things like this, I will put the word up in our discord. BTW this is jonyoudyer. Cant wait to read your book.


Thank you! I emailed it already, and am working on my next title: Stiletto Stoner.

Will be sharing it here.

Awesome job. Resteemed and upvoted. Try Neoxian tribe as well.

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I think marketing is the toughest thing about selling your own product!! Good luck with the sales! xx


Thank you!

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If you're looking for another tribe on steem, you should check out creativecoin. You're a writer, they curate creative content such as writing, art, and music.
Here's the link to their discord server. You can find more information about them there.


Cool! I used their tag on the today's post. Usually I post through weedcash, but today's post was more like a ulog so I posted through Marlians.

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