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The SCOT tribes are an amazing development for steem in my opinion. Let me tell you why.


Maybe the upcoming fork will help with the broken distribution and lack of personal engagement, maybe it won’t. Maybe that’s what it’s intended to do, maybe it’s not. I’m skeptical. You could say I’m always skeptical. Maybe I’m a skeptic 🤨 My dad taught me to question everything, especially authority.

One thing I know for sure is that the tribes have done more to promote real human engagement and the equitable distribution of steem than I could have ever imagined.

I’m only speaking from my own experience as a member of the steem community.

I joined steem in July 2017 and in my opinion I tried very hard to produce good content and find community. I won the very first #dailydose contest hosted by @inthenow and won one of the first #beersaturday contest hosted by @detlev. I was here for the beginning of the #informationwar and was a strong supporter of the content creators under that tag.

After 10 months of community building and content creation I had acquired around 100 steem organically. At one point my account was worth $900 (we all longing remember those days).


After just three months as a member of the #weedcash tribe I have 1067 steem worth of WEED. Granted that’s only $250 but looking at ATH’s that’s over $9000!

My posts can now get over a hundred votes each and often many sincere comments. I feel like I’m making real friends. It inspires me to produce the best content I can and interact regularly with others. The communities created by the tribe model have flourished and I look forward to becoming an active member of many more tribes in the future.

In writing this I looked back over my content from 2 years ago. I wanted to see if my posts were as thoughtfully created as I remembered. I can say that I could have done more writing in my posts, not that they were devoid of writing. I was new to social media, having never joined Facebook or Twitter, and sharing my life and opinions online, with complete strangers, was intimidating. I’ve always been a very private, some would claim antisocial, person.

Looking back through my blog, I can say I feel good about all of the content I created and all of the creators that I supported and resteemed. There was even one of yours @jonyoudyer. The one where you burned your Santa Rita OG. It was quite a walk down memory lane and it reminded me of many people that I have lost touch with. I want to reconnect with the people and communities from back then. I’ve been spending most of my time on the weedcash network since my return to steem after 10 months away.

If you’re interested in why I left you can check this post, it was my last:

I was flagged for tag abuse. Maybe that’s why I feel the way I do about tags and flags 🤔

When I returned to steemit after 10 months it was only to try to promote my new endeavor, a YouTube channel chronicling my life as an expat in Mexico. Despite my 1250 “followers” I received almost no votes or comments on most of my content. It was discouraging. There was so much more real engagement back before I left. I see how it’s hard for new users to feel welcome and appreciated.
While trying to reconnect with some of my friends from before I left I found @canna-curate and through @futuremind’s post there I found out about I was intrigued and signed up. I received an overwhelming amount of support on my introductory post and felt a real community.

Then came #weedcash and I (along with many others) started sharing cannabis content on the steem blockchain. I’ve met so many wonderful Steemians through the growing cannabis community and I find myself hoping to be able to buy more steempower so I can support and join some of their other projects and tribes.

I have a new found hope for the steem blockchain and it’s bright future as a global tokenized ecosystem. Thank you to all of the dedicated people who continue to move this blockchain towards its fullest potential.

If you’re still reading, thank you. This was only supposed to be a short post about how much steem I had been able to earn in a short time thanks to the SCOT tribes concept. #growyourown #knowyourfarmer ✌️ 💚 & #FTP

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Heyhooo @choosefreedom,

Greetz from the Asia traveling @detlev who is still active in beer and now even better. We have the BEER token and the @beerlover will send you one on my behalf.


There is as well our crowdfunding campaign active to enable staking BEER.


Thanks so much for the BEER 🍻. I’m really happy to see the community has grown so strong. I’m in Mexico and the beer selection here is limited to say the least. I’m drinking Pacifico these days 😬 I never thought that would happen. Looking longingly forward to getting back to microbrew territory and getting my hands on a good strong fruity IPA. Until then I enjoy #beersaturday and all he deliciousness showcased there.


It’s not to bad actually. Especially when it’s so hot. You can drink more of them than a strong IPA. I like to add lime. ✌️💨

I agree weedcash has definately brought about more engagement in the community.. it's starting to show in some of the other tribes too !tip


Hey thanks for the tip Dave 🍻✌️

I am with you man! I always struggled to find a niche and get noticed here. With the tribes and communities forming, I can hone in on my interests.

Meeting new people, getting involved in discord chats, and being more social in general has been easier for me lately.


The tribes are a great filter so you only look through stuff your interested in.

Agreed. Steemit seemed a little impenetrable to me, even with a partner already on Steem, but the focused tribes have drawn me in in a way that Steemit didn't.


The tribes really help good content get noticed by the people who are interested. It’s a game changer.

You got here before me by a few months. A lot has changed on the block. And, one thing is for sure -- a lot more is going to continue to change. It's quite exciting to see what will come! But, i agree that the new tribes are improving desire to post! Keep up the great Steeming. It is cool to get to know you. 💚✌🏿☀️

@choosefreedom, Journey and Process is priceless because it holds lessons and experiences and Steem also evolving with these Tribes. Enjoy your journey.

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I agree. If we always look for the lessons life is trying to teach us we can find the good in almost every situation.


Absolutely true words and in my opinion if we understand this aspect then that means we are pursuing the true Wisdom.

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Maybe the upcoming fork will help with the broken distribution and lack of personal engagement, maybe it won’t. Maybe that’s what it’s intended to do, maybe it’s not.

I have also been here for nearly two years. I noted a few changes which co-incidentally occurred at more or less the same time that I became aware of changes in the way way and amount of interaction. By the way, I have written of the flagging issue quite a few times and it is always those with high Rep who reply, squelching me, telling me I am wrong and do not know of what I am talking about.

Do they provide reasons any practical person with experience in running businesses would find justify them? No. Do they sprout reasons that a psychologist who has studied society would confirm as being valid? No.

They just give gobbledygook made to sound like good socialist propaganda (sounding like Bernie and AOC).

I will not re-hash those arguments. It is something else that has played a large role in destroying steemit for me.

I am not much for debating using analysis, preferring to use examples, so please bear with me.

Tom posts an article. Various people respond. One of them, Dick, sends a vitriolic comment attacking and insulting him. Tom being a nice guy does not know how to respond and remains quiet. However, as the days go by he starts to grow bitter. He had hoped his steemit 'friends' would take a stand and defend him, but he sees nothing.

Tom finally withdraws from Steemit and two years later he visits. He returns to examine that comment to check on whether it truly was as upsetting as he had thought it was. Well, it was - but he suffers a shock.

He sees that Harry wrote a strongly worded reply to Dick, analysing and proving how and why Dick was wrong. He posted his comment as a reply to Dick, so it did not show up on the Reply page of Tom and nor did it show up when he opened up the comment by Dick. To see it, he had to go all the way back and click to see the full content of the post and comments - not something most people do....

He sees that a number of others also responded to Harry, agreeing with him.

Tom feels devastated. He abandoned his friends because of the Steemit hobnobs changing the system so that we no longer automatically see conversations (sort of integral to succeeding in creating a feeling of community, isn't it? Plus, it seems this coders who make the decisions, do not know what the word 'conversation' means. It does not mean that you should only see the reply to you, it means you should also be (automatically) able to see and be a part of the conversations which were generated from the two original article and comment.

So, HF21 now tries to address the problem they caused with the previous HF and make matters worse, and Steemit grows even less friendly.

After all, they have already discussed the possibility of altering the new author/curator percentage in the next HF, so that the curators get 80% of the upvotes earned. Their argument is that only curators matter, without them Steemit would no longer exist. Really? I had thought us authors are important, for if there is nothing good to curate, for how long would any decent person curate? Add to that fact that curation should be by authors...not from people who are not part of the community, but have large SP and are coders/witnesses.


Thank you for reading my post and sharing your experiences. It’s funny that your story of Mr. Tom, Dick and Harry perfectly describes what happened to me. So perfect in fact that I’m sitting here a bit stunned, and since I’m one who thinks coincidences are an important communication from a higher place, I’ll be considering what your choice to share that example is really meant to make me realize. I very much appreciated your being a part of this important communication from higher realms. What did Tom choose to do when he realized that his friends cared and were there for him?


I can only tell you what I did, though I did not leave, I just stopped communicating. I looked and found that most of those friends had migrated to other related platforms. I signed up there and tried to support their posts.

I came to steemit without plans for making money or even, for making friends. That stuff just slowly happened. I came here because I had written a novel of about 20,000 pages and did not want to die, someone gets my computer and formats the hard drives, killing off a bunch of people I have grown to love. I had just read about the blockchain providing an extended life to whatever is posted there, so it seemed a good idea to upload it using steemit. Since then I have realised that archive. com is a better place, for it may exist longer in the blockchain, but it also gets hidden, since it is not easy to read old posts. Steemit is not created to provide even that temporary kind of extended life.

What is also important now is that I am still meeting some very nice people. I know, internet friends (says my cynical half)...and my answer is, so what. If they live more than a 100 km from my home, I am not likely to meet them, so I might as well accept them at face value. As you say, maybe something is being planned for me that I would never have dared plan for? Perhaps what I do here is being echoed across to other realities and something happens there?

In the last 10 days, my closest friend here decided to stop and withdrew...but, I have also met someone I knew of, who once we began to comment, found we have much in common and I think he is growing to be a friend. Since I aalso admire his talent, I hope so.

So, who knows what Tom would do? Perhaps what matters more is, what will you do? Do you need for others to give to you, or, is the need for you to give, greater?


PS: If 'they who run steemit' really wanted to encourage communication between steemians, why haven't they removed that stupid rule about comments that earn anything less than 2c not getting their money? Even with SP of a 1,000 means that at 100% your upvote is still only worth about 0.013, so we cannot encourage others to reply by 'bribing' them or by 'encouraging' them by showing we appreciate their comment. If someone gives me a 1c upvote and I add mine so as not to waste that 1c, I am then accused of being a heavy self-voter...


Wow I didn’t know about that. Outrageous.


No that's not how it works. Its the curation window that changed after the hard fork, which means if you up vote someones comment to soon, the curation goes to the reward pool. But this coming hard fork they changed that window to one min to fix this problem.

Holy hell ! I just read the background story, arggghhh!! As someone that's woken up to an ar15 in their face and served time for some weed related bullshit I empathize with you to the fullest.

I hope the dust from that drama has settled a bit, but I'm well aware how these things tend to stick with you..

Moving on, I'm really stoked you have had such a great experience with the canna folks here. I know for me personally, even though they wouldn't know it, much of the reason I stuck around was I knew my people were here doing there thing. I'm not so very active in the cannabis stuff because of my living abroad has thrust me into a totally different head space.. The cannabis cultivation lifestyle is still too much for me to process and put into words. Too many emotions get stirred up, so it's easier to crack jokes..

Anyway, all the best and I'm really happy to have crossed paths with you, the weed did that too 😂

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I sit here with a tear in my eye. Even four years later the trauma of what happened, and all of the changes that my life has gone through since, are difficult to think about. We’ve tried to move on, pick up the pieces of our shattered reality and head in a different direction, but nothing, thus far, has felt right. When you build a perfect life full of peace, and prosperity, when day after day you are filled with deep satisfaction and a knowledge that you are doing exactly what you should be, nothing else ever seems tolerable.

I know that’s the challenge. I need to find a way to stop wanting to just go back to my beautiful quiet mountain home and resume what I was doing before that fateful day. I haven’t gotten there yet.

I’m so grateful for the canna community here. It’s given me an outlet I didn’t know I needed. I can fight the injustice of this with my words if nothing else.

I remember finding your “flatlanders” comment in the canna discord and I knew I liked you. I’m happy to have crossed paths with you as well. ✌️

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Hey @choosefreedom, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

I remember my first post, I made it on the voice platform .. then steemit. And I'm glad.

Great post, thanks:)

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I would of rebuked that to steemcleaners. There is a lot of abuse being used under the intro tag, but that post made since to me, and was a proper use. I really think most of the engagement is really due to the price. Yes some people have left due to harassment, but that is a small number. I fell most people are greedy, and when they see they are not making money for commenting, they stop. LIke for instance, Smoke. You will see a lot of commenting there, because of the big up votes from the whales.