This is from the front door of my garden. This was taken today. Here's my little medical grow. My 8 in flower. Got a bunch of skunk in here. Just put the 2 on the left in yesterday, a platinum and another duct tape. Were trucking right along. Lot of work for a old guy. But man I love it. All of it. The ups. The downs. The feel of the dirt. And I thank God I'm still on this planet and can grow medicine for myself. Learning more all the time. I'm happy people are getting to see my work. Here's to more cheers 🍻✌

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second that. And the buds those legs end at …

Nice space you have to grow in


Thank you. I like it

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where is this? like is like a house, a warehouse, basement? lolololol. im asking because it looks like a basement!