This place is LIT!

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[photo by JoeySlliks]

This Place is LIT

On a dark and lonely Highway east of Omaha ...way east .....over here Somewhere between Providence and Boston. Minding my own business, driving down the road when boom! the lights hit me.IMG_7667.JPG
[photo by JoeySlliks]

....So I had to pull over. I love lights and these are Christmas lights. What’s better than Christmas lights? but that being the case this place is family friendly for sure, and I didn’t want to offend the stigmatized masses But no worries I came prepared with a organic Vape cartridge from Eureka and my very trusty ego 2 battery.IMG_7668.jpg
[photo by JoeySlliks]

I really like the Eureka cartridges there’s no additives or anything and they taste amazing, especially in the amber variety. I typically go for a sativa and so today it’s Tangie .

[photo by JoeySlliks]

This place is called La Salette and it’s a shrine I guess’s also a place where you can smell the fried dough so I’m going to get some.
[photo by JoeySlliks{

Whenever I see stuff re the tribe of Judah I think of all the Bob Marley references to Selassie, which is very interesting because as I’ve recently learned Rastafarianism is, arguably a sect of Judaism .....but they don’t teach that in school ha haIMG_7669.jpg
[photo by JoeySlliks]

I should definitely come back here with my peoples... not just be wandering around hitting the Vape pipe all night like a creep LOL but I got to say the fried dough is worth the trip.IMG_7671.jpg
[photo by JoeySlliks]

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I also go for the carts with zero additives. Just plain old cannabis is what I like. Man that place looks fun as hell to go to! You stumbled on to something fun. Cool post dude

Nice bro I love those Christmas lights I haven't saw a place like that in a long time


It was nice out too...I'd go back. There is a ice cream joint on the way out too. I like eating ice cream in the cold because of maybe running into the bitterly cold folks that might get offended. .... talking about "you are appropriating eskimo culture".lol