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i'm wondering.. is that the name? or where you got it lol


Its something called Green Passion, Swiss made.


Hey, i was surprised by the looks, smell and taste. It was alright, def getting more when nothing else available in my area :)


Hey Dabby! It was alright actually, imagine having no weed... But you find this and feel blessed for it :)


cool. Sorry for late response. But Im glad it helps some. I just tried some hemp for the first time and boy I thought it was amazing! Helped with internal tremble, spams

Hell yeah let me know! Buds sold at stores!! Funny!

Now... How's law enforcement tell the difference between ditch weed and dank nugs.


Sure is, you suppose to make tea from it (instructions on the bag), hell no. Grind that baby!

I dunno, I should stick to the bag and put the "real" stuff in it when i travel. Just in case :)

I went a week just smoking CBD buds. Its not that different from cannabis in my opinion if you can get really good stuff.


I agree with you, I pretty much had the same buzz so to speak.

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