I really have to go to sleep, it's 4:30 in the morning.
But I am on a level. I've been puffing like a rockstrar few beers. I had a great week. i tried to make rosin it worked don't ask how. but not yet good enough to be satisfied. I will learn. I grab another glass of whiskey, it's weekend after all. add another joint. music too.


After quite a bad year due to the loss of my dad. things are going much better. I come to my house every day. Mother is a sweetheart. Did I inherit some money? and I have invested that in canna stuff. I have stopped my normal work. but can always come back. so that's positive. ne i want to dive into the canna crypto world
judging weed curate weed and one day earn me money with it, it is already going pretty well, but certainly cannot live on it yet,
cannabis is my passion. And I want to learn this in my life how and what how everything works. someday I want to make a canna hotel or rezort, but that's still far away.



I reveal so much about myself. Because I want to tell the honest story. what goes wrong what works and my experience so that everyone can learn and adapt. but I too I have a lot of space to get better. In the Netherlands, growing weed under a lamp is not completely legal. but as long as I keep it small and don't sell it. it is not that bad. Police have something better to do, I think.


follow me and upvote me if you habe a small upvote leave a comment I will then follow you back if so leave a comment I usually respond. it's not about the money, but how you come across



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