Air pruned roots in 1 gallon (=3 liter) air-pots.


Air-pots are not like your regular plastic pots. They have holes in the sides and bottom that allow for more air at the roots. It will also prevent a plant from getting rootbound, which comes in handy for people who veg long or want to keep mother plants.

This is how the roots looked like on these 2 plants:

As you can see they are not rootbound at all.

(Personally i like air-pots more then smartpots because they are easier to remove when transplanting and fully reusable.)

Only downside imo is the way you have to water them and the price. You can only water air-pots slowly or the water will just escape through the holes in the sides. (A sprayer bottle works just fine.) Also they are more expensive then normal plastic pots.

You can get them here on amazon:

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[Here( is your post on Weedcash.

I love air pots. I only have used the fabric ones though, those metal ones look so cool!