Blumat tropf automatic drip irrigation watering system for indoor growtent

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This is an automatic drip irrigation system from the brand Blumat used indoor in a growtent. It works with gravity so no electricity needed. When the soil (or other medium) becomes dry a valve will open and the dripper will work untill soil is saturated enough with water, then it shuts off again.

It works really well but can take some effort to finetune. Once it's set you dont have to water anymore.
This irrigation system works with soil and coco but the sensors might malfunction when to much perlite is added. (It creates dry spots in the medium)

You can't use mineral nutrients with this system so only for natural growers. But for mineral growers it will work as an emergency solution tho. But long term the lines might become blocked.

There is much debate about wet/dry cycles vs drip irrigation. But in my opinion drip irrigation is better then wet/dry cycles because you keep it perfectly moist all the time. Because if wet/dry cycles where really beneficial for cannabis, why would hydroponics outyield everything? Roots are always standing in water with hydro... It's because there is no such thing as overwatering. Plants wilt because of a lack of air thats being pushed away in your medium by the abundance of water. So the water only kills them indirecly. That's why aerated hydro systems are doing so great.

For more information about this system check this video:

Or you can order one here:

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I have heard great things about the Blumat system. Love your setup! Glad to have your content here on Weedcash.


The moisture meters of blumat are also very handy gadgets.
No more under or over watering and very it's accurate.

Well I have a aquaponics setup but it's for indoor gardering beans etc. I had the police over two times already. If I had grown weed I would have lost my house and would be in jail. But my way is like what do you need in life what are the basics....

Food, water, house, warmth and family...

People are such spenders why grow your own if you could buy it in the store...

My question how much of your income do you spend on food? I had days I spend like 20-50 euro a day... 1 person.. Yeah.. right..

If you could grow your own stuff and make your own water you would be independent but.. If you show the neighbours they could do it also with a snowball effect..

In the early days lots of people got vegetable gardens they trade with each other. Or freeze it for the whole year. Now you would have the whole year all the vegetables you want.


Makes sense but problem is the electricity cost in most cases.

Only crops i know that are worth it to grow indoors under leds are low energy consuming plants. Like for example microgreens, because with not that much lights you can grow lots. But in most cases it makes not that much sense, especially for plants that need lots of light. Cannabis is an exception because of it's high value, the electricity costs don't weigh as much.

In regular farming they use a combination of natural and artificial lightning in greenhouses. That makes sense because it's cost efficient.

But, if you grow only for yourself maybe price is not that important if you care about the quality and maybe it's a hobby.


This is basically what i'm talking about. The sun is free vs artificial lights which are expensive. So for commercial farming that's a big disadvantage because you can only sell it for market prices. How can you compete with outdoor farming? ...


Well it's more for yourself with led lights it's poweruse will be much cheaper. That with a vawtwindmill and or solar panels it's like what do you need a groceriestore for. 😊