Win 5 WeedCash or 1 SBI what do you want?



WeedCash giveaway time.

As a member of @contestkings and someone who wants to spread the word about WeedCash I will be doing these giveaways. I will offer you a choice of 1 SBI or 5 WeedCash, That number might change later on but feel it is a good prize now. As always with my giveaways, there is no upvote or follow or resteem required to enter. I will be using this site to pick the winners. This takes a bit more time but last contest a few of you made more than one comment so it will work better. Also better as I am giving away two different things.

To enter tell me if you want the SBI or the 5 Weed cash and anything else about the contest or prize or steem or weedcash. Also if you have any weedcash posts to promote you can leave the link.

Each post will recap the winners

If you are not aware of WeedCash Network here are some quick tips. When you post there you also post on steem, if you vote there you also upvote the steem post so it uses your voting power. It is best to use Keychain to help move them around. They can be bought and sold on Steem Engine. They only want you posting things related to Weed or WeedCash. Not just random post so make sure your on the topic if you want to earn. You can earn pretty fast right now as it is new. I am over 500 Weedcash staked already.

It is time to see the winners of the last giveaway post Steemit Link WeedCash Link.

This was the list for the SBI prize.

And the winner is.

20191012 09_44_19Wheel of Names _ Random Name Picker.png

Congrats @chrisparis

20191012 09_48_13Publish _ SteemPeak.png

This is the list that went for WeedCash

The Winners are

20191012 09_45_15Wheel of Names _ Random Name Picker.png

20191012 09_45_33Wheel of Names _ Random Name Picker.png

Congrats to @gillianpearce and @kirstin

20191012 09_48_04Publish _ SteemPeak.png

Prizes have been sent out.

Winners for the new giveaway will be picked after the WeedCash post-payout. That is in 4 days. Or a little later sorry been a bit busy.


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Still keen to win me some Weedcash please

Posted using Partiko Android

LOL at people asking for 5 weedcash. That would be like 1.5 cents vs 1 SBI which is essentially worth 1 STEEM, or 14 cents.

The choice would be clear for me :P


Hey yes but most times 2 win weedcash so you get better than 10% chance to win. Also weedcash can go up and be sold. I don’t think you can sell SBI I buy for you. But it is your choice.

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imaginary-friend awards weedcash contestants with votes as an added bonus as well ;)
It's not a ton extra, but hey... it adds to the fun 😛

This is great! Thanks for helping spread the word about our network! Resteemed to help spread the word about your contest🤘🏻


I’d love an SBI share, tnx

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SBI plz.

SBI plz
Thanks for the chance

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Hey @stever82, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Sbi please 💜

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Thanks 1 sbi share!!! 😋

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This post has received a 3.13 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @sbi-booster.

Sbi please

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You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Weed Cash, please.


Posted using Partiko Android

I'd like a chance for SBI

Wow. Thanks very much@stever82. I wondered where that weedcash in my wallet had come from. 😁

I'd like to go for the weedcash again please.

SBI please!

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you.

SBI, please.