Flying to Texas cuz I’m dying to see her🌹


Exhaustive week

Had a lot of stress from work and late nights. Been coming back home while it's really dark outside.

Daylight savings is annoying, but at least it's bright outside again.


Random encounter

This was an extremely wild Youtuber encounter --Paul Logan. I’ve been cropping myself out for security concerns. I don't know how these guys can be so transparent. One of my old closer friends from High School is a youtuber as well. We hardly talk now.

Never seen Los Angeles so empty before. No flight delays whatsoever!
Maybe I did feel some animosity from other travelers, but it was a fair time to travel.



She said yes to this ruby princess diana replica and I! I actually put it on the wrong hand here as you can see.

I spent some time with my girlfriend this weekend and it was relaxing. I probably slept more than she'd like.



Bitcoin and Crypto

Thinking i'm holding too much high cap alts in my bags.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Decred
  4. Kyber Network
  5. Algorand
  6. Hedera Hashgraph
  7. Blockstack
  8. ZCash
  9. Maker

I think they are too high in marketcap to be profitable. I need to trade something for a low cap like AGI.


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Congrats on the engagement! 💍

  ·  작년

Yo thanks man! I'm glad you looked through to notice. I haven't used steem much and trying to live it up in life!

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