Memories of my School Days|A Weekly Content Challenge by @Steemitblog

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Hello Everyone and God Bless!!!

As a response for @steemitblog Weekly Content Challenge with the Theme: Memories of my School Days. I will share some of my memories in which I remembered during our School Grand Alumni Homecoming last February 2020 more than a month ago.


We are Batch 2007 and we planned to have a Batch T-shirt with the design below but unfortunately it never happend. I remember before when we were still students, It will always be happened that we have plans to do but it never happened. 😂😂😅


During the event there must be a representative in each batch or all class batch must attend but suddenly only a few attended the even. I think this repeated again and again because as I remember,if we have school activities for the past yours we never attended.


Shown about are the two of our most beautiful and adorable Leading Lady in our Batch with our very energetic, helpful, humble and kind Adviser **Maam Tan.

And the most awaited part of all of this is eating time in which I am the first honor in the batch as I remember.

I Hope and Pray that until we get old, we'll never change.

God Bless and Keep safe. 😇😇🙏

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The meat on the spit, looks great!!

Stay Safe!!

Thank you for taking part in the 100 Days of Steem Weekly Content Challenge.

The Steemit Team