[Announcement 2019/07/03] Free Delegation For Every WEKU Purchased

11개월 전

Dear WEKU Community,

As part of our promotion, we are excited to announce a one month delegation matching Weku for Weku for everyone purchasing Weku, running from the 25th of June through the end of August 2019.

We will offer you a one to one delegation. That means if you buy 1000 Weku you will get a 1000 Weku delegation for one month. This will not only help your voting power it will help push the value of Weku higher. This is a win/win situation for everyone- the more you buy, the higher your voting power will become and also the higher the value of your Weku will be.

Please take advantage of this great offer and help WeKu grow and help yourself grow along with it.

How to get the delegation

  1. Buy WEKU tokens at the Bitshares market or at the @winwinwin account on Steem. You can also buy WEKU with cryptocurrency. Please visit https://tokens.weku.io/ for more information.

  2. Power up your WEKU account and take a capture.

  3. Visit the WEKU-Official Discord, check the weku-delegation channel and provide us your WEKU account link and the capture of your power up.

We will proceed the delegation once a week on every Wednesday

How to use the BTS Gateway

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