The Paradigm Shift: From Wattpad to Steemit


When I decided to temporarily stop doing Steemit and go back to doing Wattpad stories, it felt all too easy just like going on a sleepover for several months. However, things drastically changed when I logged back in. I saw new genres of stories, new styles of writing, new ideas that gushed from prominent authors and aspiring writers. Wow. Just wow. I did my best to put my new ideas out into the world. They sort of worked, but not as I totally hoped for. After many weeks of putting out new content, the readership base shrunk and shrunk. Call me a quitter (although I’m never one), but I chose to leave Wattpad for good after updating my final stories.

But why have I decided to return to Steemit? Well, it’s kind of a long story, but I’ll do my best to give you some short reasons.

A. My content does not often suit the modern-day interests of readers. This is particularly true for someone like me who is not at all interested in clichés but is more inclined to inspiring and enriching stories.

B. People are often too choosy with the content they read. Modern-day readers often read fictional stories and not so much of true-to-life stories. That gives me a lot less ideas to work on, as I am not a really big fan of overly cliché stories, stories of a K-pop-based nature, and more.

C. I have a lot of competition around me; there are a lot of better storywriters than me. Call me a quitter or worse if you want to, but I don’t make stories as great as they do. Most of the good Wattpad writers I know are my good friends, and I’m probably sure that think of me as being jealous or a quitter just because I left Wattpad for that reason. Well, they ARE better writers and they have high-rating stories, so I can’t stay longer.

I hope that this gives some kind of a very clear insight as to why I left Wattpad. But now that I’m back at Steemit, I hope to give you better content that will be relatable to everyone. Coming in the next months are better 5-minute freewrite prompts and more viewpoints that will tackle the most pressing issues of this day and age.

See you all soon!

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