We´ve made it guys! STEEM will never be below $0,335 ever again!

7개월 전

Feels good, doesn´t it?
If you´re reading this post, that probably means you are amongst the select elitist holders and your hodling shall bear fruits very soon!

Artwork by @elgeko - The HODL-AstralArchetype

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Aww i got here too late on the 7th day, but yes excellent, ill make a game in @dlux-io because thats the most promising platform for anything 3d or gaming with steem blah blah blah blah

so brilliant like a thousand sad stars

Never say never ;)

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My prediction: market cap will touch bottom at about 60M .. 65M within next few weeks before it goes up again and stays above 100M till the next major bitcoin drop.


Your guess is as good as mine


Well, look at this ;-)

Now let's see if the second part of my prediction (passing through 100M and finding a support at that level) pans out.

haha I'm waiting for those fruits :D HODL 4ever


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