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Join the WeYouMe alpha

This week, the Development team has made progress on native transaction signing, which will allow users to create new accounts and send transactions within the client without needing to authenticate separately.

Work continues on the release of the WeYouMe competitive analysis, an in depth strategic overview of the decentralized social media ecosystem, and our strategy to take it to the next level.

Download the Android Mockup


WeYouMe will be utilizing the STEEM codebase and making some awesome improvements on a brand new blockchain:

  • Adding rewards for storing content files on IPFS.
  • Adding a decentralized exchange with User Issued Assets and smartcoins.
  • Building a peer to peer marketplace for product and service trading.
  • Enabling Encrypted posts that you control visibility over.
  • Building a better revenue model that includes better post promotion, and membership benefits
  • Enabling premium content to be uploaded that charges a small micropayment to unlock
  • Every STEEM power and BTS holder will receive a sharedrop of the new WYM asset.

WYM Icon Set.PNG

Home Feed.PNG

Learn more with the WeYouMe Website, Whitepaper, Outline, and Investment thesis. Check them out here:

Outline [3 minute read]


Investment Thesis

WeYouMe combines blockchain social media, with a decentralized exchange and a peer to peer marketplace. Create. Connect. Earn.

Why WeYouMe?

  • WYM rewards: Every account that holds WYM for 4 weeks and is active will earn MeCoin rewards. 20% of issued MeCoin will be distributed to WYM holders, to provide a reward for ownership.
  • Network revenue: WeYouMe earns revenue from promoted posts, memberships, and trading fees. Proceeds are used to autonomously buy and burn MeCoin. This increases the value of MeCoin, and benefits all ecosystem participants.
  • Network Growth: WeYouMe offers incentives for new users to be introduced to the blockchain. The growth in users represents a growth in the value held in the WYM asset to access voting power and network resources.

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steem will be huge soon

Nice to see actual original content on here.

This video was entertaining. But I was unhappy to see you mention Minds without pointing out that new users are unable to sign up.

As far as I know, minds.com is the only web-portal to the Minds blockchain. And since new users cannot sign up at minds.com (regardless of password length, it produces an error message that says "password needs to be at least 8 characters long"), they cannot get an account on the minds blockchain at all. The Minds foundation has known about this for weeks and has not fixed the problem, yet no one seems to be talking about it.


There is no minds blockchain, the minds asset uses Ethereum. I was not aware that new accounts cannot sign up, as I have had an account for years, long before they used blockchain technology for rewards. I will look into this issue for next week.


the minds asset uses Ethereum.

lol r.i.p


You're right. It's Ethereum
I got confused.

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I couldn't sign up.. thanks for sharing..lol. I was puzzled

Nice project i must know more about it.


@noemilunastorta we should know more about it as well.

Hope this one will better of than some of those I have been seen out there nice job

Facebook kicked me off for super promoting Steemit. So did Twitter, oh well. Hitting the blockchain hardcore. Thank for the video @dahaz159 I'll keep in tune with what you got.

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Hi guys I writed new title about success. I think everyone should read this title. I am waiting your comments ;) and Dahaz159 I respect you. Because Your post very usefull . thank you.


I like this content best post

gracias , amé este video <3

so this is blockchain but is it a currency based like steemit not to much info on your video about your platform you just talk about how bad other platforms are


To learn more about WeYouMe, you can go to www.weyoume.io. This video is not intended for platform information, as it is a news update. For a succinct summary, check out https://www.weyoume.io/s/outline

emmmm i would love to hear more about your platform but not bad news about others
its not a smart move to do if you are promoting your platform like that


There is plenty of material about WeYouMe at www.weyoume.io, this video is intended as a news update, not an explanation of WeYouMe.

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It`s really very nice post of for a comman man like me.

nice its real and perfect information for user please share lot of information new update

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Nice to see actual original content on here

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best of interesting television

sigueme y te enseño una pagina para ganar Bitcoin

Hi @dahaz159

I haven't heard from you in a while so I figured out that I will check your profile. Just to discover that you didn't post anything in a long time :(

Hopefully you did not give up on Steemit?


Thank you for this great post @dahaz159!

'WeYouMe' appears to me to be the the alternative solution to Facebook.

I have successfully signed up to this platform and I am very keen to learn more about this.

Platforms such as this one should help steemit.com become more popular and I truly feel this will help boost the value of steem.
This post has been upvoted, and resteemed by myself as I feel this is very worthy of sharing.

Excellent project I would like to know more about it

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thank you for this post :))

Until someone else mentions it, I've forgotten that facebook even exists.

steem very useful idea

I am still expecting you exchange my EZIRA tokens in WYM tokens. No answer from previous request :(
Bitshares account id : chrk

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