WeYouMe Updates - Mainnet Registration Open [Steem Sharedrop] - Private Posting - Comment Payments - Email Invitations

2년 전

This month brings a wide range of new features that continue on our vision of building a powerful new social platform. You can now register your alpha username to be activated on mainnet launch.

All SteemPower holders are able to receive a sharedrop of WYM on mainnet launch.

ACTION REQUIRED: All registered holders of EZIRA, Bitshares, and SteemPower are able to receive an allocation of WYM. Registration closes on the 1st of August 2019.

To register, create an Alpha account on the WeYouMe alpha, and make at least one post.

Securely record your password, as it will be required for mainnet login.

Then, Register Using The Form HERE with your Email address, Alpha account name, Bitshares name and Steem name.

Then to claim your Allocation, validate your Bitshares and Steem names by sending a small [0.001] amount of BTS or STEEM to the account "weyoume" with your Alpha account name in the memo, or alternatively for Steem, comment on this thread with your Alpha username.

WYM is the mainnet cryptoequity of the WeYouMe blockchain.

The Mainnet WYM allocation and sharedrop has been restructured to better reward our early angel community, and reduce the complexity of the claiming process by requiring an alpha account and password, instead of eventually importing wallet private keys.

The WeYouMe sharedrop has also been adjusted to only include BTS and STEEM as recipient currencies when registered, meaning much more is available to the community, and is not held in inactive accounts.

1 EZIRA : 1.5 WYM

(This represents a 50% gain for EZIRA holders over the previous setup)
125,000 WYM: Divided proportionately between registered BTS holders.
125,000 WYM: Divided proportionately between registered SteemPower holders.
20 WYM will be allocated to accounts that invite another user that uses their name at registration, and to the account being registered [Strictly limited to two uses per account]
20 WYM will be allocated to accounts that signup with a university or business email address.

Registered Alpha accounts need to make at least one post to be valid for sharedrop or bonus allocations.
Usernames that are shorter than 6 characters and contain no numbers or hyphens must hold at least 10 EZIRA to claim.

The Snapshot date for the WYM mainnet asset distribution will be the 1st of August 2019.

At a randomly determined time on that day, all EZIRA balances will be frozen, the asset will be retired, and the Bitshares asset WEYOUME will be distributed.

Updates this month:

  • Private Posting: Enables all users to create encrypted private posts for sharing content to a limited selected audience. This uses a locally generated key for encryption using AES, and the memo key of each account, by including private memos of the encryption key in the post metadata. This will broaden the scope of content that can be shared on WeYouMe, with exclusive content for a smaller audience. This marks an important milestone in decentralized social media, by giving users the power to share their content only with specified accounts.
  • Comment Payments: Enables users to set a comment price that commenter need to pay in order to allow them to comment on the post. Comment price is 0 by default and is optional for creators to use as an anti-spam mechanism if desired. Designed to improve the signal to noise ratio of comments in the future when a larger comment volume is applied to posts.
  • Navigation improvements: Added Navigation bar to the bottom of the application on mobile, and more clear buttons to the top navigation for a selection of core features. This Enables much simpler navigation, particularly on mobile which previously required selection from a drop down menu for most features.
  • Payment Requests: Added the option for users to send payment request transactions. These provide a transfer template for a desired payment from a user and makes it simple to accept the payment from the sender in notifications.
  • Promoted Post embedding: Incudes the top posts from the promoted feed into all feeds browsed by users to drive engagement and visibility to promoted posts. This is blockchain native self serve advertising, and is paid for with TSD, providing utility to the network currency. Promoters compete for the top spot by paying TSD to the null address, however this process is made simple by the promote button on posts which prefills the payment details. One in every 10 posts is selected from the promoted feed, for a predictable and fixed rate of exposure that is non-intrusive for users.
  • Network monitor adjustments: Added TSD supply metric to the network monitor, in addition to some fixes to ensure that newly opened pages for individual blocks load correctly without requiring a refresh. Added a search bar for finding blocks by their number, allowing full block explorer style functionality within the application, instead of having an externally hosted block explorer.
  • Email Invitations: Enables users to send an email that links their friends to join WeYouMe, with their embedded referral link. This makes it much easier and faster to onboard people to the platform.
  • Link Posts: Added a new field to post metadata for including a destination link. This enables users to specify a source link for their content, which can be opened directly from user’s feeds with a link button without needing to open the underlying post. This is intended to make it easier to access posts that refer to an external link.
  • Discover Upgrade: Now enables users to search by top accounts for their amount of Followers, POWER balance, number of posts, or randomly. This makes tracking the number of total network accounts easier, and provides a visible recognition of the networks best contributors and most influential accounts.
  • Language Tags: Adds a two letter ISO language tag to each post made by user’s. This is intended for grouping posts by their language for future filtering by language, and in the interim allows browsing posts that are uploaded in a specific language until tag adoption has proliferated. This is intended to better allow users of smaller languages to browse relevant posts in their native language.
  • Search Upgrade: Improved the search feature to include the tag browsing link of the given tag, and to better find the usernames of accounts that are searched for. This enables a much more valuable search functionality to be used as a way to navigate to specific content much faster.
  • Coins Page: Shows current information about cryptocurrency prices, with a link to the tag feed for each coin. This makes it easy to browse through posts relevant to your favorite cryptoassets.
  • Gfycat Search in comments: Enables users to easily search for reaction gfys and copy their links into their posts for embedding into comments. This makes commenting more fun and engaging when Gfys are able to be easily accessed and used.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Just registered for the WYM Alpha and made my first post. WYM Alpha username: nextgen622

Thanks for the info

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Shittiest account creation system. Where is the private key? And why are you allowing users to set small passwords that are insecure?

Alpha Account: jcrodriguez

  ·  2년 전

WYM alpha: fav

WYM alpha : romiferns

WYM username: zararina


alpha account : chrisaiki

Alpha Account: detlev

WyM username shitsignals

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WYM alpha username: dragonblades

I just register at weyoume. My user name: aljif7

Hi, I am trying to fill the application, but I don't know where I get the info for bishares account, steem account. I did a steem transfer with the indicated memo. but now what? I can see WALLET in my account WeYouMe, but I don't know where is that information.

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We must try - it will be interesting)

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Hello are steemit user name same with steem ? Iam confuse

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An interesting sharing. Thank you for this valuable post. I will look at this as soon as possible. Thank you again

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Hello @dahaz159

On 14th Oct 2018 I registered the username 'bitcoin' in your alpha system and posted one welcome post also.

And today when I tried to login with same login, it says "invalid login".

This is not looking good. Please check

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WYM username: malaysia

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