WeYouMe Updates - Private Messaging - New Registration System - PassPik

3년 전

This month brings a wide range of new features that continue on our vision of building a powerful new social platform with a positive purpose.

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WeYouMe Alpha Updates

  • Private Messaging: You are now able to send and receive encrypted private messages between each other using the WeYouMe protocol, by utilizing a new type of customJson transaction called a message transaction. This contains an encrypted messageText field that is decrypted locally using the recipient's memo private key. The Messaging page shows accounts which are mutual followers, and shows incoming and outgoing messages. Users can easily send images between each other, and can quickly send a transfer transaction from the messaging interface.

  • Integrated Account Registration: You are now able to create new WeYouMe accounts through the alpha directly on the new Welcome page. Users may also login directly within the alpha from the Welcome Page. This replaces the previous mechanism of being directed to the authentication page, streamlining the new user experience. Users are additionally directed to create an account and log in before seeing the content on the network upon reaching the homepage.

  • PassPik: The WeYouMe team has developed a new way of securing your account that is faster, easier, and more secure than a traditional typed password. Now, your chosen image is your password, allowing for a much greater level of security for your account, while making it easier than ever to backup your account, because the image is already saved to your device. This system and method will be a characteristic feature of applications on the WeYouMe Blockchain protocol. Stay tuned for more information about PassPik. It will soon be detailed on its own website, and has potentially far reaching applications in the wider blockchain technology ecosystem and beyond.

  • Native Transaction signing: The Alpha application is now able to directly sign transactions on behalf of users, by accepting their passwords to generate their active and owner keys instead of needing to redirect to the Authentication page. No more tab switching is required for mobile users for signing monetary transactions, as we have unified our alpha and auth application functionality.

  • Mutual Followers: Mutual followers are now imported automatically into the access list when making a private post, and are labelled as Friends in other account pages.

  • Tags: Tags input into posts with capital letters are now accepted by the form, and are dynamically converted to lowercase. Thank you to Vermithrax for this suggestion.

  • Wider Desktop Feed: The Center container is now significantly wider on desktop, allowing for a more expansive browsing experience for images.

  • Feeds: The naming convention for feed browsing has been simplified to "Top Voted" instead of trending, "Latest" instead of new, and Following instead of "Feed" inline to ensure that to improve intuitiveness for new users.

  • Sidebar: The sidebar has been simplified to refer to the boards, exchange and about pages, instead of the previously large amount of sidebar links that resulted in some confusion for new users.

Reminder: On the 1st of August, all users that have registered their usernames on the Testnet from bitshares will receive their new allocation of WEYOUME to replace the Angel asset EZIRA, which will be frozen, and will guarantee their usernames for the mainnet launch.

To register, create a testnet account if you haven't already, and Register Using The Form HERE with your Email address, Alpha account name, Bitshares name and Steem name.

Then to claim your Allocation, validate your Bitshares and Steem names by sending a small [0.001] amount of BTS or STEEM to the account "weyoume" with your Alpha account name in the memo.

WYM is the mainnet cryptoequity of the WeYouMe blockchain, which will be launched in 2020.

1 EZIRA : 1.5 WYM

125,000 WYM: Divided proportionately between registered BTS holders.
125,000 WYM: Divided proportionately between registered SteemPower holders.
20 WYM will be allocated to accounts that invite another user that uses their name at registration, and to the account being registered [*Strictly limited to two uses per account]
20 WYM will be allocated to accounts that signup with a university or business email address.

Registered Alpha accounts need to make at least one post to be valid for sharedrop or bonus allocations
Usernames that are shorter than 6 characters and contain no numbers or hyphens must hold at least 10 EZIRA to claim.

The Snapshot date for the WYM mainnet asset distribution will be the 1st of August 2019.

At a randomly determined time on that day, all EZIRA balances will be frozen, the asset will be retired, and the Bitshares asset WEYOUME will be distributed.

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Great working on steemit platforms

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