Writing Contest: What Would You Do If You Were A Steemit Whale?

2년 전


If I were a whale in Steemit, I would manifest the maternal love towards the little fish that had just arrived to the net and would help those who were already developing (minnows and dolphins too) to grow.

I would do motivational and incentive contests to help them grow as the mom who raises their children by guiding them along the best path and learning from them at the same time. Guide them and inculcate them that when they grow up it will be their turn to help others as well as how they received help in the beginning, to project them towards a future in which they will also have the role of teaching, taking care of and guiding the new ones.

I would take time to vote, reestimate, comment and give encouragement and teaching to the little ones.

And just as the whale took Jonah inside its mouth for three days until left him in Nineveh (The region where he would go to fulfill his important purpose) I would welcome them to lead them and let them be trained to carry out their projects in our Steemit network.



This would make I become a whale.

I invite @sayury to participate in this contest

You may participate in this contest. Read the rules HERE



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