@bullionstackers - Need Community Support 100% - One for All - All for One!!! SHOW ME YOUR 100 % SUPPORT NOW!!!

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@bullionstackers Need Everyone Help Now!!!

Please READ 100 % This Post!

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Why? Please Read on!

Show @bullionstackers your 100 % Loyalty

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My Voice Always for you All

My Support Always for you All

No Matters How Big or Small...

@bullionstackers will Always Be for you All


Upvotes 100% so they can't take it Down

Since I run , #whalepower Community Project , Is benefit for Everyone!!!
If you guys as a Followers and have received UPVOTEs from @bullionstackers before...
This is the time I Need you All the most!!!
Someone is very jealous with this Community Project
And is taking it down.


Earlier Today

My Evidences being 100% Bullied by this Big Accounts for No Reason
My Account have been 100 % Bombarded by this CraZy ClowNs for No Reason

Yours Sincerely @bullionstackers

I will Always be for you All

You can Rewrite this Post if Needed in Any languages


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The last post I did was for #indonesia Community
They have so much hate for these community??
I don't know!

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I be Damn!!! , not showing up still have to have my says.


Thanks for your Support my friend

Is very sad to see this happening.
They down voted all your posts for no reason.
You can always count on me @bullionstackers
Email send

100% vote for you - good luck

OMG!!! They are taking the Community Project Down!!
100% UPVOTE and Full Support


Your welcome boss :)

Always Support you @bullionstackers
You are the Best out from the rest.
Fair equality to the community. You have been helping many minnows like me. Resteem

Always full support for you @bullionstackers
You have helps many minnows like me

You got my support my friend, you are always helping us, and wiling to contribute to make this community grow. I don't know whats happening, I gave you 100% upvote. I'm gonna make a little boost for this post, and whish you the best!!


Earlier today, my Account got the biggest hit by the CrAZY CLoWns for No Reason!
Thanks again for the boost





i still don't understand, why this kind ofxthings happen in this comunity. while by being big one can have a good influence on curation reward. why there need to downvote the other for no reason?


They flagged down all my posts today
Crazy Clowns.
Thanks for your full support @ekavieka


Patience @bullionstackers goodwill many exams

No way!!! What is wrong with people!!! I got your back always! 100%!


Thanks you
Earlier Today, they Flagged All my posts down.


That is crazy! Why are people so mean? Jealous maybe? Can you shut them down?


Did you report it over on the chat at Steemit Abuse?

%100 upvote and resteem!


Thank you for your Full Support
Earlier today All my posts got flagged down.
No reason why it should be.


No problem glad to help.

  ·  4년 전

u got my 100% and a resteem....
what is wrong with them???


They are crazy clowns.
They flagged All my posts earlier today
Thanks for your full support @urs

You got my 100% support!!!


Thanks @dyjnn
They flagged All my posts down for no reason.
Please tell everyone about it

100% upvoted and reesteem :)

My friend...voted. A good weekend for you and success in your projects.


my friend you need to read this post!! Why..


Flags wars again man? Wow, put fire on it.


You should know my friend
I don't go to War!
Always Support the Communities
Where they deserve it more...


I admire you for it. Continue your work. Always you have my support.

This flagging crap needs some serious moderation. wtf. Upped!


Thanks for your Support / Help

100% x (read+upvoted+resteemed)
Nice math formula isn't it ?
Needless to say that you have all my support

Upvoted. You have my support!


Thank You.
When is your next Post? looking forward to your Photography and your content.


Thank you, @bullionstackers. I've been really busy these days. I will try to get one out today or tomorrow.

Its a pity the big guns don't fight for the little people and do good with their power. All we seem to see is the big guns down voting other just because they can. oh well
At least you got my 2 cents worth :)


Thank you for your support

Upvoted although its just 2 cents. :-( maybe they don't like bullion or own any...


Many small ones go!

Lets put an end to this bullying.. can't we all live in peace?

  ·  4년 전

You always supported our community. Its our time to support you in those times that you need us!
United we stand:)

Oh no! 100% upvoted!

100% supported!

  ·  4년 전

Hi! my friend.
100% UPVOTE and Resteem NOW

Greedy, selfish people! Why the dg on competitiveness? Got my support!

Support all the way..

why so many people out there still have bad behavior in here...it will be better if we help each other actually..
what they thinking about..?? @bullionstackers
i've 100% on you

upvoted 100% and resteemed.
I have many authors in the MAP community - most have not heard of #whalepower, but am changing that!


I too have upvoted and resteemed - I am the new account for the Minnows Accelerator Project as it was getting too large for the personal account, but still managed by rycharde.

I have introduced about 40 authors to #whalepower - will see if they manifest! Thanks for this initiative.

My 100% Vote for you man! Resteemed and followed as always, even send you a collabo!


@bullionstackers , i've already made it in indonesian language post to support this community,

You got my support... I wonder why there are people who aim to take others down... :( Stay strong @bullionstackers.. #whalepower community is with you!

read, upvoted and resteemed, you have my full support

That's awful! You guys have been such an encouragement to me. Upvoted and Resteemed!

I just saw your project from one of the people I follow.
Have my upvote. :-)

100% upvote. Good post, I invite you to go through my profile ;)

So sad !
upvoted !!

UPVOTED! you go Bullion!

I don't know what a 100% votes means. But I did upvotes & resteem.

U got my vote and im sorry I forgot the #whalepower in my last post. I may have done that a couple times honestly..my bad. I have done it lots correctly and i rep WP to the fullest 👊😎

I'm 100% Vote you.. Cc @orcheva

100% vote and resteem

💯 upvote and 💯 re-st

thank you very much!

Supporting you! Who are these crazy clowns? Do they roam around in clown makeup attacking people at random? Are they like those clown sightings they keep reporting on local news stations across the country? Why would they bully someone like bullionstackers? All for one and one for all, we shall stop the crazy clowns!

💯 upvote and 💯 re-st

Great post, thanks for sharing! I gave you a vote. I hope you enjoy it.


I haven't followed you before but I have heard of you @bullionstackers and I am sorry you are going through this you have my support here is my upvote my resteem and I am following you, sending hope from a little minnow.

just saw this been away for a bit, but I am here for you my friend...100% upvoted and resteemed - keep stackin, if you can resist selling all your silver/gold for btc, neo eth whatever - the urge is real... I am fighting it everyday. take care and peace from your friend and #whalepower loyalist @cryptoted

I am full support

100 % upvote

Of course you get my vote and resteem!

@bullionstackers Sadly my 100% upvote is not worth much yet but of course you have it. But I'm building up my SBD. Sad to see people downvoting for no apparent reason. Ill promote the post to help a little more.

nice , i like it the post thanks


Really! I hate liar 🤥
I don't think you read and understand!
Because I can have you for my snack...... going be Delicious Snack...

Upvoted with 100%....and resteemed.....Kayleigh

  ·  4년 전

Done upvote & Resteem

I don't understand why it is being down voted !?!? Do they give an explanation !?! I do support you 100% my friend !! ✔🆗🆙💙

100 % vote for you... I always support you.

100 % vote for u. N full support.

I just joined the #whalepower yesterday, but got your support already! You can rely on us! Something wrong with downvoting guys!!! 100% upvote from me, keep strong, nobody can break us, mate!


This is nice

Upvoted and resteemed :)!! Keep it up @bullionstackers !

This post has received a 2.62 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @fivefiveeleven.

100 upvoted and resteemed! Who was this ashole who downvoted your posts? Maybe he is envious of you?

Will there by the next whale fight?
...100% for you

Resteemed and upvoted. I hope my still little power will help you little bit. You can count on me if need my help again! One for all- All for one!!

Of course, voted. Hold on!

upvote + resteem one for all -all for one.

100% UPVOTE Resteem!

Thank you for your kindness. Since I'm 100% upvote, resteem. And the fruitful work on the promotion of the whalepower tag.

Thank you for your help. Since I'm 100% vote and resteem. I will follow you.

A 100% vote for you.

@bullionstackers I am sorry to hear you are going through all of this when you are trying to help. My vote has no power but I did vote you up, followed and resteemed. Stand strong against those haters.
Good luck :D

I am near you.