Partial Shutting Down Project

3년 전

Dear Reader / Supporters / Subscribers
Whalepower is Partial Shutting Down due to Unsustainable Economy.
We are not making as much due to unresponsive Supports we should get.
Our overhead are high and our curation income are little.
Everyone are so Selfish that this have actually shot yourself in your own foot.
Good News is we will still support those that support this project.
Thank you.

Pembaca / Pendukung / Pelanggan

Whalepower sebagian dimatikan karena ekonomi tidak berkelanjutan.
Kita tidak menghasilkan sebanyak mungkin karena Dukungan yang tidak responsif yang seharusnya kita dapatkan.
Biaya overhead kita tinggi dan penghasilan kurasi kita sedikit.
Semua orang sangat egois sehingga ini benar-benar menembak diri Anda sendiri.
Kabar baiknya adalah kita akan tetap mendukung kamu yang mendukung proyek ini.
Terima kasih.

#whalepower A Project for Better Community
All #whalepower Contents / Images are Copy-Rights
If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.

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I understand the position you are in. It feels like Steemit is dying a slow death and it is so sad. : ( Look at have 132 upvotes and only $2.51. Pitiful!!! You will always have my support.

  ·  3년 전

Sebuah berita yang sangat buruk Mr @bullionstackers Semoga saja saya termasuk didalam daftar anggota yang mendukung proyek #whalepower.

The time are tougher it is going down the tube.
Maybe it will never come back.
Mismanagement on Steem.Inc for sure
Too much liquidity send out.

My vote is almost worthless, I understand if I no longer receive a vote. However, your posts will continue to receive my little upvote. Hope things turn around, Steemit these days seem really sad since the last Hardfork nothing ever returned to normal business. I have been really sick this year so even commenting takes huge chunks of what’s left of energy I have. I just started having these past two days some relief with a strong treatment plan for me to stand for more than five minutes. It’s been a tough road, but grateful. So now I have a bit of time and energy to stop by and comment on this sad blog. It saddens me to read how bad it has been for this group and for others. Hope things get better for the entire Steemit community.

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We are currently having difficulties to sustain everyone.
Our Voting are higher than many others curators are giving.
Each week , I have to calibrate the percentages so we are giving Balance Rewards Distribution.
This is not as easy Tasks , as Numbers of Posters divides by Time over Ours % Given.
The Rate of Recoveries = Charging Time vs Ours Usage
You guys just sit back thinking Votes just dropped from The Sky!


I never implied that. Sorry you feel I am within that group. I have actually always felt very appreciative and like I stated even if I do not get a vote I will continue to place my small vote to you guys. I will continue to use the hashtag as a form of SUPPORT. ✌🏼

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