Show me your best article - If it's good i'll upvote

3년 전

With the power yielded to me by @htooms,

Edit: Do not post anymore my power is gone :(

I upvoted all your article's that were educative, artistic and not copy/pasted.

The persons who got an upvote with @htooms power are:

All your articles were amazing i just had no more power.

Sorry guys, hopefully another time :)

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did it all, can you upvote this one for me,

I try to get my travel experience in to the world but some help would be chill i guess. and extra love for a resteem :D

Here is one of my recent articles I hope you can appreciate it. Thank you

Great work, appreciated! Check out
please consider resteeming my article as I have done for you. Thank you Charlz


You are resteeming so that more people have this opportunity remember

ThankS appreciate the initiative !! - ))
PumpeD & reSTEEMed ! - )

greb'Z )

some FUN !! .. & .. free to ENTER !! - ))
.. thanks for YOUr support - ))

Is it ok if I leave you with a couple ? :) I have a giveaway that I would love to reach the HOT page so that people join, and also today's STEEM price analysis. If you find either of them good, of course !

Thank you !



Only one, because others will do the same then and i am gonna die.


@eltooni you choose ! Whichever one you like most and feel has more value !

Will do, but I'm not submitting my article. Check out this article and use the vote to help out a community member in need!


Done, resteem please


Wonderful initiative by you and @htooms,. Thanks for doing this. I wrote this post with the best intentions - I hope you will appreciate it. Please let me know.

Hey, cool thing your doing.. here is one I posted today, I thought it was very interesting


Done, great article

This is a great idea, appreciate the opportunity! 😃
Just posted an article today, if you can please give me your feedback on it as well that would be great! all the best mate

Thanks buddy! Just followed you!



Thank you eltooni!



you get 10 votes EVERYDAY!


No i just won a contest of steem power and wanted to share it with you my friends :)


You still get 10 strong votes a day; use it or lose it

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Thank you, for this finding i hope i get more followers, so more people can benefit from posts like this.

ThankS ALLoT for the mention !!! - )))

.. i just FounD this thROUGH - ))
.. or, i would NOT have come back to this PosT ?? - ((

ShelF life .. and so MANY ShinnY POSTS to SEE - )))
ha ha )))

WhicH .. would have BEEN TerriblE !! - ))
.. the ego PumpS .. ha ha .. SO GOOD - )))

WeLL .. now that my head is BloateD - )))
.. with VisionS of GranDueR !!! - )))

STEEM'n'ON !!! - )))

greb'Z )