Evidence on Therising Bidbot

3년 전

Evidence 1
There are two bidders in the round, where each are getting 50% each

Evidence 2

Evidence 3

Evidence 4
WTF 4.5% vote ????

They are Fixing the Percentage as they go, Can we trust them ??

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Hmm, Let me make some enquiries for you.

I request you to at-least understand the facts before making false accusations. First of all, during that time, the steemit servers were facing a huge downtime due to which all the bids came rushing at the same time. Due to such congestion, the bidding round had a negative ROI. Secondly, you are only presenting half information in the evidence.(Evidence 2 shows only 2 bidders but what about the bidders that came in the last 10 minutes. Evidence 4 shows ppagoda steemd page but infact it should show therising steemd page to clarify the number of upvotes in that round). There are not 2 bidders but 20 bidders in that round. Here is a snapshot taken from https://steemd.com/@therising?page=17 of the total upvotes which actually was made during that time.
Finally, there is no way the percentages can be fixed especially in therising bidbot since our bot is open sourced from day one (https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@therising/sharing-my-first-open-source-bid-based-upvote-bot-in-python). If you are still not satisfied, you can contact me on discord anytime.