I got My "Virtue Magical Bean" from Whalepower

4년 전

I would like to Thank #whalepower for their Whalepower Community Project especially to @bullionstackers and his Team management.

Their contest are Here
They selected me @ppagoda for their Supporter / Follower. The thing in #steemit works wonder.

Apparently there are still "Magical Steem Wild Bean" that currently , they giving out.
I guess one must read their instruction to win it. Here , will be expired soon.

Now, go there Hurry, you will never know , you might get that "Magical Steem Wild Bean".

The last Magical Bean is call The Wild Magical Bean , sometimes refer to as The Magical Bean of HOPE
Magical Steem Bean works wonder. Sometimes refer to as "Split Beans" , anything is possible in Steemit.
Where there is "Hope" ! , everyone deserve to have one.

Whalepower currently promoting Reading and Writing.

Thanks guys for giving "Virtue Magical Bean" to me.


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Finally, got to this post a well deserved one!
Keep up the good work @ppagoda
We hope you will write more.


Following The Magic Beans


Thank you Bossman

"Magic" is a very nice word.
Paranormal , Miracle

Great inspiration for others. Congratulations once again @ppagoda! : )


Hi @bullionstackers...good to see you! : )

Wow bagus sekali


thank you @murhadi06

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Thank you @steemitboard
Wonderful to know.

lol. how can I miss this one? ?
go my friend. keep steeming


Thank you for your support @ekavieka

kool !! I wanna join in;p


thank you

Congratulation buddy 👍☺

Steem on,



thank you


thank you

Thanks for upvote , comments and resteem me @zillurkhan72

@ppagoda. Hey friend please help me to join me your community my friend please follow like comment share I hope you like my content plz support me. https://steemit.com/mgsc/@sundram/black-to-move-2018-06-28-07-35-52

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