What If , I were Given Three Magical Steem Beans???

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Firstly, I would like to Thanks @bullionstackers and Team Management for initiating #whalepower program.
This is my first post. I have been follow #whalepower community project for sometimes. Whalepower is like a family for me.

Where to start? This is my first post. I do actually need a mentor like @bullionstackers , @paul-gillbanks , @whalepower , @the-reef

This is the link to the Reading / Writing Whalepower Contest.

If I were , given a month worth of subscription from #whalepower .
Here, this is what I will do.

Let's start with
What if, I were to given this Magical Steem Beans?

What are they?
Magical Steem Beans for a beginner are very hard to obtain, therefore I must guard them with any cause.
One that process this Magical Beans can behold the Power.

Now, Let begin with my creative writing.

What if? I were to be given this Three Magical Steem Beans.
What would I do with them?
This Three Magical Steem Bean cannot be separated. They are The Power of One.
When one behold this Beans , they can propagate more of this Beans ( steem )
Now, why would I sell them or give them away?
I am still so tiny, when I grown up to be the size of a whale then I would able to give to all.
I will gain more influence from you all, I will help the Whalepower community.
I will take my new Power and help @the-reef , @whalepower so they can grow bigger and they can give back to me more.

Thank for Reading

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Thanks man

Good validation, I will recommend to the Bossman.
You gain my 100 % Support.


Thank you very much

I like your content and contribution.


Thank you Bossman

WOTD support @ppagoda
First post? Woot woot!


Thanks for your Support WOTD

Another #whalepower Curator / Moderator Account


Yay! I needed this one


I keep it in mind.
Thanks for supporting #whalepower


Thank you Paul

Hi @ppagoda, I've been watching you too and you have been very supportive of the #whalepower team and group. I really hope and encourage you to go for it!! All the best and make good use of your magical beans ;)


It is also my hope that I keep and magical beans and grow as bigger as well - Let's do it together!!


Thank you WC

Wow, you get all the approval needed because you did a great job in your post. Keep it going and looking forward to you growing and sharing with the whalepower community. Thanks in advance.👌


woot, you are a very good example for all of us, being so generous all the time.
voted for you


Thank you for your Generosity

Nice to see you posting ppagoda.


Thank you Banker

Congratulations on your first post @ppagoda! Well done! Time for me to support you now; here and on the contest page. I hope you know how much I appreciate your support in the past and I thank you. Good Luck! Tip!


Thanks man
Don't forget my second post


You have a second one? Way to go...on my way to read it. : )




Thank you , follow you back

haha... my case the 3 beans are are separated to do different things. i believe in productivity


Thank you @ace108


Thanks pushup

Nice post...
May you have more success in life..
Keep it up Sir..

Awesome !! Great work !!


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Hi buddy

Nice post! I follwed you. If you do not mind, could you follow me about me?