Interview with Marcelo - SkyWeaver


1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I come from a Language and Literature background (ENG/PT_BR), and I have worked as a teacher and translator for more than 16 years. But there came a time in which I wanted to do something different, so I decide to change gears and start working in the gaming industry. In it, I have worked with most of the big players, and in several different capacities. I am most comfortable and happy working directly with communities, though.

2. How did the idea of making Skyweaver come about?

SkyWeaver was born from a multidisciplinary group of people, who saw the great opportunity available in the 'blockchain x crypto x gaming' crossroad. We've formed a core group of people in the beginning of 2018, and here we are now!

3. Why did you choose Ethereum, and not another blockchain like Eos, Tron, Enji, Loom, Steem, Hive, could in the future migrate some of these blockchain?

Ethereum is the most mature and secure smart contract blockchain existing today, with numerous incredible tools and projects we can leverage for Skyweaver and our users. We do not have any plans to migrate to another chain, but if a chain became clearly superior to Ethereum, we would consider it.

4. Is there a date for the game to be available in the Red Ethereum and not in the testnet?

We are planning on releasing Skyweaver on Ethereum mainnet early next year.

5. What will happen to the cards obtained by the beta players, will they lose them and get a copy?

All progress will be wiped when the Open Beta starts, to ensure everyone can start playing on mainnet in the same conditions. 1000 of our better ranked users will receive a Pioneer Silver card when the Open starts, as a 'thank you' for all the great test they have done so far.

6. What incentives will they give to keep players in the future?

The main incentive, as I see it, is SkyWeaver being a solid TCG, without gated gameplay. People will be able to build their base decks soon, and thus be competitive very quickly. A healthy environment of welcoming community, fair competition and player-based economy will also ensure people stay with us.

7. Do you plan to add features such as tournaments, clans, quest, betting challenging players?

SkyWeaver is a competitive game by heart, so we will fully explore other game modes as well as a nice tournament grid for our players. The only thing we are not interested at the moment is the betting aspect of it, since it is not part of our core game loop and carries a lot of legal ramifications.

8. What do you enjoy most about the game?

I truly enjoy how competitive our Discovery queue can be. Every game is different, but we rarely are placed in a game in which there's no chance for winning or making a comeback. Lots of epic matches took place in this random mode, and I love it.

9. Do you have a particular favorite hero?

"Never meet your heroes" is how it goes, right? I have a few people I admire over history, not sure I'd call them heroes. Early scientists, such as Galileo and Copernicus certainly fit in this group.


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