A few more thoughts about upvoting.

4년 전

First of all sorry for my English.

I am not so long time here and trying to learn more about such social-media-blockchain phenomenon as steemit.

Here I want to say about up voting.

I saw some articles in steemit where people explain how to upvote right. Right means to earn more for your vote.

I left such technical aspects as 30 minutes, be the first in line of voters and reducing vote power. I just want to say about suggestions to vote as the whales vote.

Some people filter whales accounts and vote only if they vote.
Their principle - follow whales everytime, everywhere.

and even :)

Another ones say about automatisation of this process.
Someone gather time statistic whales voting. That is craziness.

For most accounts it has no sense because they have small Steem Power and their reward would be less even 1 cent. Add here technical limitation caused by reducing vote power and dayly reward will be no more then $0.1-0.2. This is not the price you should to spend your vote for.

But your votes have sense for good blogers. Even if no whales upvote their post it good to see that many people support you and share your thoughts.

As more people connecting stemmit the more good posts will be appeared. And whales will not be possible to check all of these. But we can do justice to that.

So let whales swim somewhere and let's do good job right now and right here.

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