Hey Whale can you upvote me ...? (WP101 )

2년 전

Hey Whale can you upvote me ...?

I have not yet experienced that some whale has upvoted me ....still i am anxious and waiting that some day i will be upvoted by Whale...Only can Hope and what else can I do ...So If any Whale is listening ...Let my Wish be True


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This Post has Resteemd and upvoted by Steemit Viral Good Luck !

You got a your first 100% up-vote and free resteemed from @resteem1 next 4 time you send only link without SBD.
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@resteem1 Thanks.... you have upvoted @0.10 ...please send me back 0.9SBD to avoid any confusion in future ...i am regular user of your service.... instead of keeping advance and in future reffering of past amount ...will create confusion....i hope you will consider it Regards


0.9 SBD transfer to your wallet please check it.


Thanks alot @resteem1 ...I really appreciate your Quick Response and service ...Soon i will subscribe your monthly service

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I am waiting patiently with you. But it will happen one day! Good luck @rajag234


hahah..lets hope for the best

Just keep posting content!!


yes i am doing it

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@rajag234 Just swimming by to drop off your up-vote. Feel free to come by any time bring your friends to, @echowhale enjoys the company.