Whaleshares Curation Show Recap

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Welcome to another recap!

Slowly, but surely our Whaleshares pond is getting bigger, new people join in the fun every day and I love nothing more, but to discover them! For tonight's show I decided to select posts from people who are fresh out of the boat so to speak, in other words very new to the platform, hopefully it will give their blogs a small kick start and helps to connect with other like-minded folks.

Without further ado, let's jump into them!

I. Getting to know me, nice to meet you! by @tranquil-art.

How cool is seeing families get into the blockchain tech, start using crypto currencies and nerd out together? It's pretty cool. Exactly my thoughts when I saw that the wife of one of our witness' @derangedvisions posted her introduction post the other day.

But it isn't just a meet me intro, It feels like there's a lot more to it, than just letting people peak into your life and form an opinion. I feel like it's a part of her journey of trying to find herself. You see, for the past 17 years she's had 2 identities, as she brings this up in the post, mom and wife, time flies and kids grow up fast, and you realize you gotta do something, and she's doing it. Recently she started a fluid art class and she's hooked :), check out the 2 pieces in her post, aren't they so pretty and relaxing?

Either way, let's give @tranquil.art a warm welcome to Whaleshares and hopefully she enjoys her time here on the platform!

II. Traveling to the Inn :: Haiku of Japan by @dbooster.

Meet one more fresh Whalesharian. I presented one of his post in the past some time earlier this year, but since he just got here I thought it would be a good idea to re-intorduce him :).

@dbooster is an American photographer and haiku poet that has been living in Japan for many years now. I am a big haiku lover myself, so it was hard to just walk by this post of his where he shares a haiku by Basho - my favorite Japanese poet. One thing I'd like to point out about the haikus he posts, if they aren't written him, they are translated by him, and more often than not I find his translations to be a lot better than the ones in a book I have.
Another thing I enjoy is the artwork, I love traditional Japanese paintings, they sure do create the ambiance in the post and trick your mind into thinking you're the person in the poem.

Don't know about you, but I feel like I am on my way to the inn, guided by the light of the moon! Bye now!

Now this it for this Monday night, guys. I am pretty content with my choices this time and I hope you enjoy them just as well, feel free to pay a visit to the people I mentioned and give them some love!

Extra content:

  1. Trance Drum & Bass - Nicky Havey - Can't Give In [Clip] Forthcoming EP by @nickyhavey.
  2. Edible Haunted House (Gingerbread House) by @thekitchenfairy.
  3. Showing off 2 weeks worth of new hair growth: 100% natural system! by @samstonehill.
  4. The Baltic Goddess by @axeman.
  5. The secret fountain- fiction by @giantbear.
  6. Raspberry, White Chocolate and Macadamia nut cheeselesscake. Dairy and egg free, 100% yummy! by @moonunit.

Every week our host, myself, @lindahas, @breezin and a guest curator select 12 posts from #postpromotion channel to present in a live curation that typically starts at 4 PM EST in #live-events channel on Whaleshares server. Anyone is welcome to come along and spectate the discussion and everyone who does tune in and sticks around until the end of the event will be awarded with complimentary assets that are distributed by the host of the show @nikflossus and sponsored by @krazykrista and @krazywitness.
There are no obligatory rules as to what kind of content you should create to catch a curator's attention, we're different people and we like different things; some shoot for longreads they enjoy, some prefer to browse through tutorials or art projects. We are people and our choices are subjective, of course. As the platform grows it gets harder to push your work out there and get noticed. However when it comes to scoping out top quality posts, we try our very best to point out the ones that received very little to no rewards.

To learn more about the Whaleshares Curation Show on Mondays I suggest you join Whaleshares Discord, check out the blog of our host @nikflossus, here's a recent post of his for reference: The Second NEW Whaleshares Curation Show - Tonight 4pm EST 8pm UCT - Special Announcement!.

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Until next time!

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I'm having the same thought with you. This platform is getting grow up day by day. People who join to contribute in Steemit is increasing. However, there gonna be homework to be done for us as the users, we have to provide a qualified quality content to show that this platform is great because we still lack of this kind of content, even I myself as the new comer also feels the same way. In fact, if this platform doesn't contain good posts like you do I'm afraid the rating will go down and one by one left this amazing platform 😑.
Thanks for supporting the minnows all the time.
Hopes we could give our best for Steemit.


There are gonna be decent posts and there are gonna be shitty posts. There's nothing anyone can do about it, the payouts don't always reflect the quality of a post, sadly.

Esa plataforma esta en constante crecimiento y debemos aprovechar para conocer y publicar contenido de calidad. Ando esperando por mi clave para sumergir mis conocimiento con todos en esa plataforma.

saludos y nos vemos pro allá.

thanks for highlighting mine! you guys are superb, loving the coming loves from Whaleshareians <3

sorry i could not make it to the live show, had to get my son from school lol


I loved it, very nicely done, lady. Your post was selected by @breezin :)

interesting informations.
thanks for your support.

I've heard about whaleshares and might like to join. I know there was one sharedrop and there was supposed to be another but I never heard when. The FAQ tells about the first one and it ended September 15th. Any idea when the next one is? I heard its good to join during the sharedrop so you get some WLS.


EDIT: Damn the second sharedrop JUST ENDED!!! :(
Someone let me know when the third one is! :D


Yeah, the second claim period ended and I am not informed if a 3d one is planned. I recommend asking this question on Whaleshares discord, someone will be able to answer this.

Whaleshares sounds like an interesting community; like it's a lot more cohesive and community oriented than Steemit. I know one of my Hoomans recently joined, so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.



Most people if not everyone on it are people from Steemit, it's very small right now, curious to see how things will evolve myself :)