Piss Poor Showing

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I should mention that this was posted to Whaleshares but if there is anyone interested in here then I thought it would be worth putting on Steemit as well. Many people here have Whaleshares accounts and if you don't but would like one, leave a comment and I will make you one instant and free. If you are going to be shopping on Amazon anyhow, you might as well get some free crypto.

I personally bought 55000 WLS this week but nobody bought anything through the Amazon links so there will be no payouts. I would have thought there would be more people interested in this but I guess with the sheer amount of people selling and not very many buying, it is safe to say that there are not too many who have any money or they are not here for the elevation of the platform but would rather put $5 in their pocket.

Ah well, what can we do? Only what we can do. We can't make people stop dumping and we can't make people want to work for someone other than themselves, even when it would benefit them in the long run. I guess it's the world we live in. There is more need for instant rewards than there is for a stable future. We need $3 for a cup of coffee today instead of $20 for a pound of coffee next week. It's too bad but it seems like that's the way it is.

I'm not a Debbie Downer

I really believe in this platform and want to see it succeed. I think it's a beautiful site with a good, working blockchain, and it is has a lot of good people that are just doing their thing to make it better. Sure there are a lot of people selling their WLS but there are also people buying and I can tell you it is sure nice to be able to buy 55000 WLS and spread it around. I powered up some to my personal account but also sent some to some different pods and people that I like. @sharanaithal and I have also started a new pod for the funny folks and it got 20K to get it started.

So don't let my lament get you down. Sometimes I just like to vent and try to let people see things through my eyes. There are a lot of cool things happening, like @bank, and @apostrophe; not to mention @poeticsnake has a few great projects going.

We actually bought some WLS for @whamazon through @bank and it was a very smooth and affordable transaction. We totally recommend them for any small trades of WLS. I think 5000 is the max they will do but that's a pretty good chunk.

Well, that's where we stand right now. If you are buying some presents for people on Amazon this holiday season, click the banner below and earn yourself some WLS while you shop.

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