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So you haven't heard of Enumivo yet?
Well grab some pop corn and a drink, lemme take you on a ride to the world of Universal Basic Income that brings social justice to your door steps.

Enumivo is a blockchain project founded back in February 8th by Aiden Pearce, began its journey on the Ethereum blockchain as an erc20 compatible tokens, but later moved on to using dpos algorithm after Block one released the Eos software to the public, the reasons why enumivo didn't utilize the Ethereum blockchain or stayed to further develop its applications is same thing you thinking right now, Ethereum has this scalability issues, with huge transaction fees, slow too, nope, that isn't what any blockchain developer needs .

Eos software solves this problems on a platter of gold and for the enumivo project to work flawlessly and distribute wealth to everyone, it needs to operate on an open source decentralized blockchain platform that is Scalable and fast and wow wow, eos it is.

The Enumivo blockchain is a community driven fork of the EOSIO software which was offered by Block.One. It provides the same functionality as EOS, but at a significantly lower cost to the developer and end user. Our goal is to create a fully decentralised and autonomous blockchain solution which provides the delivery mechanism for a unique Universal Basic Income dApp.
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Enumivo coin ENU, began from being a no value worth {0.0} into having real value, about 0.017 USD according to kkex, The founder has been so enthusiasts and so are few of the community members, enumivo has also gotten a clone of the bitshares dex like (LiteShares) until it was shut down for some reasons, but well allow me to introduce you to the enumivo market marker

Enumivo market marker

Kind of the bancour type market, The market marker like the name implies is an automatic market that gives you the coin you as for, once you send a particular token/coin to the smart contract for its automation.

Sell coin - - - - - > received coin
Buy coin <- - - --> Sell coin.

The market marker works in a way that when you sell ENU Which is the main coin for the project for BTC, The Amm gives you btc and sells enu,vice versa for all tokens listed on https://

The market maker contract treats ENU x BTC to be constant. So if you add ENU to it, it will give you back the BTC in such a way the new ENU x BTC it owns remains constant (after taking 1% fee of course). This means the more you put on one side, the more
More about the automated market marker

Wot and Face Id or Face miner

Face miner is a new decentralized application for UBI verification that the enumivo project is bringing to the table pretty soon.


the dApp is still in testing, improvements and its the future of decentralized community kyc, apart from just community vouching for you like the
Wot - >Web of true.

The face miner like what the founder mentioned earlier, might in time also have its own tokens, and for each members that joined the community and his/her face is present, they create a token like for the new arrivals hence the name face miner, where our face act as a mining machines for future UBI distribution , more about this FACE MINER and WoT, stay turned for more about enumivo projects, news, and developments.

more reads about face miner here

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Enumivo Blockchain

We are block producer on the Enumivo project, a fork of Eos chain with the envision Of deploying A UBI dapp in the future for humanity.
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