Introduce another new feature of the Whatsapp

2년 전

California: The largest mobile application for messaging Wats Abbey introduced new features for consumers using Android Beta version. According to the details, there are millions of users around the world, leading mobile phone leading applications, which can introduce new features to the company at different times to provide facilities and services.

According to the 'Web Sona Infobo' viewer on the Whatsapp, the administration introduced the 'Inquiry In Picture mode' feature, with which users will now be able to see the videos and pictures sent by friends without downloading. According to the information, the new features of the Whatsapp feature (PIP) will be used by the Beta version, another feature of this feature is that even the videos or pictures sent from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, are not downloaded.

It will be clear. The company has been temporarily introduced to the users using the beta version at the Picture In-Touch mode feature, but they can also use common users after success. Earlier, the Watchtower app congratulates the users that the administration will soon start the 'Dark Mode' feature for users, after which users should read the light of the light of the mobile screen: NA 249: Votes The counting of Shahbaz Sharif will also be able to chat in the exile and it will also increase mobile battery.

It is clear that the Whatsapp administration introduces innovative features at different times to achieve consumer attention so that it is ranked in the world of social communication, before the Whatsapp feature group audio calling in February this month. Introduced users who liked it very much.

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