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  ·  2년 전

Morning is the time when we get out of our dreams. Life is also a dream. Whatever we see, touch or feel is nothing better than dreams. Hope of receiving upvote is also a dream, a big illusion. But, we cannot control these things. Have a very good morning. It is the night time here in India.

Morning glory is a beautiful flower , that's hold in it seeds , special secret .


SHHHH don't tell anyone our secret.


I believe it's "I farted and shat my pants".


Actually, we are both incorrect. It's actually "I shidded and farded and came my pants"


Actually that is a shart!

  ·  2년 전

Mmm for me it's too easy, bein live in this world, a food in the table and my family in the same table with me. Other things i appreciate its have internet connection, light and potable water, being that in my country too difficult to have this constantly ( yes i live in Venezuela if you have the question)

I always wanted to like Oasis more than I ever did. They were big at a time where I didn't listen to music just because it was played on the major radio stations. I have gone back and listened to this album a couple of times since my wife likes it a lot (she's a big Beatles fan so it was kinda natural) but it never hooked me the way MTV told me it should.


I am 100% with you on this!

I too love this song. Oasis were like one of my favourites.
Great song.

Prepare breakfast then go to work. 😋

The story is we have new President and Wise President and Hopping they will do some good work for the nation.

Couple of people have said that it is a song, and I am going to search for it and that is the story.

Nothing, Just sitting and was waiting for you post. H ave lovely day.

Drink carrot juice while Steemit waits for morning.IMG_20180910_233708.JPG

Will morning glory give flower in 3 to 4 hours of sunligh

I am thinking who wanna give me upvote now.

This morning I got a rickshaw. I remember being caught in such a rickshaw, I remember. I came to mainrode to see the area's heartthrob waiting for the rickshaw on the road. So let's go a little faster. Just when I came closer to Heartthrob, a rickshaw puller called me, brother, would you? At other times, calls to the Riksayalas, the coal becomes known to manage, most of the time, the rickshaw drivers do not count me, at least in the office, I can not even get the least attention! Today, the rickshaw pullers got poisoned. 'Jah! I did not get the time. ' The heartthrob was gone. Anyway, it's just the beginning of the story. Sitting in the rickshaw, a small boy in the area came running, said, what is the chase of the brother, or for two minutes, one rickshaw would go, right? Maybe the opportunity to invite the heartthrob to 'lift' the rickshaw also disappeared, so I said, 'No, no! Extreme busy! I do not remember that there was so much chaos in life! The boy cut off my chase and said, 'Well, I have to leave the work for ten minutes and you go, you go.' I lived as if I had a dream in the dream last night, because of all the 'omelet', the heartthrob has already got Pigar in another rickshaw. I went off a kilometer rickshaw with a bad temper. Rikasa stops at least ten hands, chains have fallen (meaning rickshaw chain). Okay fine The chain was taken. Now the stopover of the five-hour distance is very close. Again the chain fell (that means the rickshaw chain). The chain was removed. At that time, a familiar rickshaw went out to us and said, "What is he tanvir ... he went away." Rikasa stopped again after almost a few seconds. No, the chain did not read, the rickshaw driver's ring ringing, personal call. Okay fine When the rickshaw puller was talking, he was passing an oasis in the area - hey Tanvir! What happened to the brother ... he left. After briefly talking to the reader on a mobile phone, after a couple of minutes he came back and pressed on the rickshaw paddle. Of course, happiness is not long on the forehead. Going a little ahead, he employed a rickshaw with a vanguard, and the chakka-chal chiragya got lively. What the forehead! The van driver and the rickshaw seemed to be a friend of each other's life, but in such cases, the abuse started, but they both saw a smile and smile. When I saw a joke, a big brother named Rikasa passed away and said, Ta-na-Vi, where do you go? I do not see that ... However, after the expiry of the exchange deal and the opening of the Chakala Chakra, the rickshaw started to proceed. It is seen in front of a little more, a pickup is randomly standing on the street. The rickshaw puller minted at the minute and finally concluded that his rixar Bell was destroyed, the sound was not there. The rickshaw puller left his seat and verbally ended the talk with the pickup driver on the road side and started fixing the rickshaw pull. At that time, the younger brother of the area (who had left ten minutes before heby chase) asked me to spend my side with Rikasa, Ayah! You're still here! ??? You have no chase! ??? I look at the technical expertise of the rickshaw driver, he is fixing, he's fixing the rickshaw bell. A little bit, the rickshaw started again. By now, we got fifty percent of the road in one kilometer. Rixa is finally running at its own pace. Almost reached the destination while I was shocked by the sound of the sounds and fuses. What is the event Rickshaw tire has exploded. The rickshaw puller left his driving position and after the observation of the rickshaw wheel, he said, I will not go, Tire fighter. My mood has started moving towards the opposite side to be worse and worse than hot. What a memorabilia rickshaw Journey!

Extra incidents: When I get down from the rickshaw, I'll walk on the rent and see if he is running with the return of Hertthrabab Rikasa. What is the speed of the rickshaw he's riding smooth! Regrettably, the rickshaw speed is taking me away from me. Alas!

Dealing with the hot weather and Hopping it will end soon. that's the Glory.

This crypto crash, it sure is gory

Nice song about drugs and the haze that accompany them..
What's the story morning glory?
You need a little time to wake up wake up

It's a song about drugs for young generation.


get your arse out of bed you lazy fucker :-)

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The story is Colorado time
No other state like it

No morning bro, I live in Pakistan, Here time is 9:23 Pm :P thinking to sleep.

hahaha ... it's a very amazing posting

Waiting on my Heavenly Blue to start flowering. The vines are super long so I hope they put out for me. Entheogenic gardening is quite fun!


I am sleeping and sleeping. At noon i weak up.

Watching a very boring Movie with a cup of tea ;)

Yeah, try eating the Belladonna flower. Woooooo!

I sleep too late to have any morning stories.

  ·  2년 전

What's the story morning glory?
You need a little time to wake up, wake up

Music video by Oasis performing Morning Glory. (c) 1995 Big Brother Recordings Limited

The Story Is Such A Little Turn Around And Such As AN Fire.


The Story Is Such
A Little Turn Around And
Such As AN Fire.

                 - ammar1

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.



No está mal, muy buena fotografía, tienes mi apoyo.

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Nothing special. It's night (india)