Magical graphene ecological BTS

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Magical graphene ecological BTS
BitShares, an open source commercial system based on blockchain technology, is a decentralized exchange based on graphene technology.
Genius BM became famous for its development of BitShares. BitShares is also his first blockchain project. BTS is the unit of measure in the BitShares system and the token on the platform.
Token Symbol: BTS, Project Overview: Designed for Global Virtual Money Payment System, Founding Team: BM Team, Total Issues: 2,615,950,000, Total Circulation: 2,615,950,000
Bitcoin is a decentralized trading platform with the theme of a wallet. Opening a wallet is an exchange. The exchange's token is a BTS, which serves to maintain the trading system.
Bit assets, decentralized stock exchanges, DPOS consensus mechanism, DPOS has the advantage of low energy efficiency and security, the transaction confirmation time is only 10 seconds, the industry is the most efficient (bitcoin is more than 10 minutes), these are all BTS Core competitiveness.
天才BM因研发了比特股(BitShares)而一举成名,比特股(BitShares)也是他的第一个区块链项目, BTS是比特股系统中的计量单位,也是平台上的代币。
比特资产, 去中心化证券交易所, DPOS共识机制, DPOS具有低能高效安全的优势,交易确认时间仅需10秒,当时的业界最高效(比特币为10分钟以上),上述这些都是BTS的核心竞争力。

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