Major changes in stable currency in the future

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Major changes in stable currency in the future
As the name implies, the stable currency is a cryptocurrency with stable value due to the sharp fluctuations in the currency price.
As Ethereum gradually becomes a prerequisite for synthetic assets, in the future, how many stable coins are likely to run on the Ethereum blockchain is worthy of serious observation.
Dovey Wan, founding partner of Primitive Ventures, said that the company is preparing to change the USDT recharge address to ERC20 in Ethereum.
On July 3, the announcement of the currency security announced that the default recharge cash withdrawal address of the USDT would be changed from the OMNI network to the ERC20 network.
On July 5, 2019, the Bitfinex CTO said on Twitter that the 100 million USDTs established on July 4 were to move Tether from OMNI to Ethereum.
由于以太坊逐渐变成那些合成性资产(synthetic assets)先决选择,未来,有多少的稳定币很可能在以太坊区块链上运行,值得人们认真观察。
Primitive Ventures创始合伙人Dovey Wan称,币安准备将USDT充值体现地址变更到以太坊的ERC20。
2019年7月5日,Bitfinex CTO在推特上表示,7月4日建立的1亿枚USDT是为了将Tether从OMNI迁到以太坊。

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