Vidy's unique and advanced blockchain (advertising) technology

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Vidy's unique and advanced blockchain (advertising) technology
Vidy's unique advanced blockchain (advertising) technology enables transparent, private, fair, and automated billing for advertising and increases accuracy and efficiency. The interests of users (users), advertisers (advertisers), and publishers (publishers) have been guaranteed, and the problems that have plagued the advertising industry have been solved for a long time: the interests of the three parties are inconsistent, the rules are not standardized, and the users are not satisfied with the advertisements. problem.
Now, Vidy's unique and advanced blockchain (advertising) technology is run on the Ethereum ecosystem. It has developed the invisible embedded layer of successful webpage keywords. With one-click long keywords, users can see in the webpage text. Go to the related small video. Video ads use the miner-driven NLP consensus protocol. Vidy's unique and advanced blockchain technology has created a new advertising model, e-commerce and video entertainment.
Due to Vidy's unique and advanced blockchain (advertising) and other technologies, the Vidy project has won institutional investment in distributed capital, capital, quantum foundation, and insight capital. There will be better and more advanced development in the future.
Vidycoin is an encrypted coin on Vidy that rewards users, advertisers, and publishers of the three parties, just on the Btcsoon exchange.

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