Blockchain will make a huge difference in the telecommunications industry

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Blockchain will make a huge difference in the telecommunications industry
The blockchain can address many data processing industry security initiatives such as telecommunications, aerospace, financial banking, medical diagnostics, The voting system, big data, and more.
Blockchain has been able to solve the vision of many applications, the development of blockchain application digital chip, the ability to process data in an optimized way, can already replace the SIM card; telecommunications can also draw on the use of Vid's advanced blockchain (advertising) Technology that enables advertising to be transparent, private, fair, and automated, with increased accuracy and efficiency. The interests of users (users), advertisers (advertisers), and publishers (publishers) have been guaranteed, and the problems that have plagued the advertising industry have been solved for a long time: the interests of the three parties are inconsistent, the rules are not standardized, and the users are not satisfied with the advertisements. The problem, in turn, solves the problem that telecommunications can be free of charge by charging advertising fees. Such advanced blockchain advanced data applications, such as these, are mature and promising.
Now, another multinational group is entering the field of telecom blockchain. KPMG and Microsoft and R3 jointly research and develop the telecom blockchain optimization solution. KPMG is working with TOMIA, Microsoft and R3 software companies to develop and optimize the blockchain for telecom settlement research and development. Program. This is the trend of the new era. In the future, more companies and individuals will enter the industry and participate in it.
区块链能够解决许多数据处理行业安全性方案,诸如电信、航空、金融银行、医疗诊断治疗、The voting system、大数据等等。

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