The Litecoin once again halved the story of the ugly duckling that turned into the white swan

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The Litecoin once again halved the story of the ugly duckling that turned into the white swan
The currency circle has now multiplied, and there have been many white swan (mainstream coins: bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), and there are also many ducklings (cotton coins, forks, etc.), ducklings (cotton coins, forks) The coins, etc. are all like to become white swan (mainstream currency), the competition is fierce, and even to the extent of white heat.
An ugly duckling (Altcoin) appeared in the day. Her name is Litecoin. It was developed by American Chinese Charlie Lee in 2011. The lite represents a small, lightweight, make up for Bitcoin. It is the same as Bitcoin technology. The technology is optimized for 3 points: the total amount is equal to 4 times Bitcoin, and the speed is 4 times that of Bitcoin. The scrypt encryption algorithm is mainly used for CPU and memory calculation, and the threshold is low.
The ugly duckling Litecoin was not optimistic at the beginning, but now the Wright coin maiden (official website) said: "The Litecoin cryptocurrency is a point-to-point distributed network currency system. She can instantly give the world a cheap transaction fee. Anyway payment. Litecoin is an open source project, a global payment network, and she does not have any central control nodes. The rigorous cryptography protocol fully guarantees the financial security of each user for the network system. Litecoin is compared to Bitcoin The cryptocurrency system enables faster transaction confirmation time, higher network transaction capacity and efficiency. Litecoin has a complete industrial chain and sufficient liquidity, which has proven that she is a mature, secure and stable commercial financial system."
With the advantages of these optimizations, the ugly duckling Litecoin has a strong competitive advantage, ranking fifth in the world in market value and becoming a veritable white swan (Wright Silver), but this is due to the fact that she does not have bitcoin with the white swan head. Competition, but only as an assistant and supplement to the white swan head bitcoin, so in the currency circle there is a legend of the bit gold Wright silver coin, and has been passed down, until now.
一天出现了一只丑小鸭(山寨币),她的名字叫莱特币,是由美籍华人Charlie Lee2011年研发,lite代表小级别、轻量,弥补比特币的不足,与比特币技术相同,对比特币技术上优化了3点:总量等于4倍比特币,速度是比特币的4倍,用scrypt加密算法,主要利用CPU和内存计算,门槛低。
丑小鸭莱特币凭借这些优化的优势,一跃而有了强大的竞争力,市值排名全球第 五,成为了名副其实的白天鹅(莱特银),但是这得益于她并没有与白天鹅头领比特币竞争,而只是作为白天鹅头领比特币的助手和补充,这样在币圈就有了比特金莱特银的币圈传说,并流传了下来,一直至今。

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