Breakthrough innovation in the application of blockchain close to the lives of ordinary people by 2019

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Breakthrough innovation in the application of blockchain close to the lives of ordinary people by 2019
To understand the blockchain application close to the lives of ordinary people, we must first combine the PBP, distributed storage, distributed, and key technologies to provide a brand new Systematic solution. The characteristics of blockchain: blockchain has a natural cryptography; blockchain is valuable, can be traded and transferred to real value transfer; blockchain is decentralized, data can not be tampered and can be traced; There are three kinds of arguments for blockchain: public chain, private chain, and alliance chain. In the public chain, a lot of digital currencies have been developed, and the three major ecosystems: Bitcoin Ecology, Ethereum Ecology, Graphene Ecology; private chain and alliance chain are closer to big data, and many people are still regarded as big data, not Think of it as a blockchain.
The public chain needs to exchange data with the real world and carry out complicated big data operations. The main R&D team in Silicon Valley has exhibited the DOS Network predictor, and of course other teams are also researching. The DOS predictor realizes the decentralization. The service and calculation for the data chain of the mainstream public chain, and the public chain and the real world are connected together; and the calculation is verifiable, so many application scenarios close to the common people can run on the public chain. Major public-chain networks such as Ethereum, EOS, and Tron are operational.
Applications that are close to the lives of ordinary people include banks, stocks, medical insurance, flight planes, ships, trains, weather, commerce, industry, agriculture, etc., such as the current Defi-like DApp, which contains stable coins, borrowing DApps, etc. through DOS oracles. Get the price or exchange rate of the assets under the public chain. And the decentralized financial derivatives trading platform is the DOS oracle machine to get the asset price outside the public chain, trigger the liquidation, etc., and decentralized insurance to achieve automatic payment, can also be applied to civil aviation ticket sales, evaluation market, identity information, Express monitoring and other industries. Already involved all aspects of the common people, all walks of life. Blockchain technology has become a revolutionary scientific innovation alongside Internet technology.
要了解贴近老百姓生活的区块链应用,首先要科普下区块链, 中本聪的比特币白皮书,把这些 P2P、分布式存储、分布式、密钥技术结合起来,提供了一种全新的系统性的解决方案。区块链的特性:区块链有着天生的密码学;区块链是有价值的,可以交易和流转真正实现价值转移;区块链是去中心化的,数据不可篡改并且还可以追溯;区块链一种说法是分为三种:公有链、私有链、联盟链。而公有链内已经研展了好多数字货币,三大生态:比特币生态、以太坊生态、石墨烯生态;私有链 、联盟链更接近于大数据,目前还被好多人看做大数据,不认为是区块链。
公有链要落地应用需要与真实世界进行数据交换,并且进行繁杂的大数据运算;硅谷的主要研发团队研展出DOS Network预言机,当然还有其他团队也在研究,DOS预言机实现了去中心化,为主流公有链的数据上链而服务并计算,并且把公有链和真实世界连到了一起;而计算是可验证的,这样很多的贴近老百姓的应用场景可以在公有链上运行了。例如Ethereum、EOS、Tron 等主要公有链网络获得运行。

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