Amazon forest fire inspired the use of blockchain stereoscopic effective fire protection to protect the lungs of the earth


Amazon forest fire inspired the use of blockchain stereoscopic effective fire protection to protect the lungs of the earth

The Amazon jungle in South America is the largest tropical rainforest in the world. It is known as the "Lung of the Earth" and the "World Kingdom of Animals and Plants". It has a population of 33 million people, 420 indigenous communities, 40,000 plants, 3,000 freshwater fish, and 370 reptiles. It spans nine countries and creates 20% of the world's oxygen, with 40% of the world's tropical rainforest, 20% of freshwater resources and waterfalls, and 10% of Earth's species.

According to the data detected by the satellites, more than 72,000 fires have occurred in January and now this year. This is the most powerful fire that has been burning for many weeks in August this year. The Amazon jungle fire in South America is not easy to extinguish. It is due to the flammability of the wood, and there is a strong wind belt, which has caused the fire to burn for 1,700 miles. Animals that did not escape the fire could not avoid falling into the ashes of the grass.

There is no definitive conclusion to find the reason for this Amazon fire. UNEP Executive Director Inge Anderson issued a statement on the Amazon rainforest fire, calling on the world to work together to fight the fire. It is now important to put out the fire. Otherwise, a large number of animals are cherished. Even the effects of fire are difficult to estimate and may affect everyone on the planet.

From January to now, there have been more than 72,000 fires of magnitude and size. The terrible and amazing data, the decreasing forest cover has seriously affected the climate, wildlife, streams and population, especially forest residents. It is necessary to take a three-dimensional effective fire prevention and fire-fighting measure to save the "Lung of the Earth" and the "World Kingdom of Animals and Plants". Today's blockchain technology can come in handy, and blockchain can solve many data processing industry security solutions, such as telecommunications, aviation, financial banking, medical diagnostics, The voting system, forest fire fighting and building forest ecology, large Data and more.

The vast amount of data stored in the Amazon jungle in South America, the daily life of the local population: building forest ecology: forest fire prevention: the effective operation of the government, etc. The amount of data is huge, the blockchain can use anonymity, decentralization and other characteristics It not only protects the privacy of residents and the security of data, but also stores and shares these personal population data in real time. The blockchain can solve the data security scheme of the personal resident population. The signature private key and encryption technology can effectively prevent data leakage. The data is encrypted and then the real scene is written into the public chain blockchain by the predictive machine technology. To ensure data accuracy; through intelligent contracts, each information data can create multiple private keys and specify access conditions to access the data. Smart contract technology guarantees the legitimacy of personal sensitive data usage and standardization of future technologies; The blockchain's open, transparent, traceable, and non-tamperable features ensure the authenticity of personal data in the public chain blockchain and prevent the risk of malicious use of data and leakage of user privacy.

In the use of blockchain technology to build forest ecology and forest fire prevention and fire fighting should pay attention to these points: forest fire prevention and firefighting: to ensure the daily life of the local population: building forest ecology: the effective operation of the government.

The first is forest fire prevention and firefighting, using satellite monitoring on the blockchain, and the unmanned helicopter clusters face three-dimensional fire prevention and extinguishment. The data is encrypted and then the real scene is written into the public chain blockchain through the oracle technology, and the time stamp is used to ensure the data. Accuracy; using blockchain big data to ensure the daily life of the local residents needs to rely on mountains to eat mountains, rely on water to eat water, rely on South America's Amazon jungle to protect good natural ecological resources to develop tourism, aquaculture, agriculture, processing industry development blockchain ecology industry. Taxes and fees generated by tourism, aquaculture, and agricultural blockchain eco-industry are turned over to the government. The government receives taxes and other financial revenues to purchase forest fire prevention and fire fighting equipment to strengthen forest fire prevention and fire protection, and to protect the daily living welfare of the local residents: construction blocks Chain Forest Ecology: The effective operation of all aspects of the government; this forms a benign and large ecosystem of the closed loop of the Amazonian jungle block in South America.





今年1月到现在已发生大小的火灾超过7.2万起,好可怕又惊人的数据,日益减少的森林覆盖对气候,野生动物,溪流和人口特别是森林居民造成严重影响。必须采取立体有效防火救火措施,才能拯救“地球之肺”、“世界动植物王国”。当今如火如荼的区块链技术可以派上用场,区块链能够解决许多数据处理行业安全性方案,诸如电信、航空、金融银行、医疗诊断治疗、The voting system、森林防火救火与建设森林生态、大数据等等。

储存在南美洲亚马逊丛林中的海量数据,当地居住人口的日常生活:建设森林生态:森林防火救火:政府的有效运作等等数据量很巨大,区块链能利用匿名性,去中心化等特征不仅保护居住人口隐私及数据的安全,而且能将这些个人居住人口数据进行实时储存和共享。区块链能够解决个人居住人口数据处理安全性方案, 通过签名私钥和加密技术能够有效阻止数据泄露; 数据经过加密再通过预言机机技术把真实场景写入公链区块链,利用时间戳来保证数据精确度; 通过智能合约,每个信息数据能够创建分配多个私钥,并规定准入条件对该数据进行访问,智能合约技术保证个人敏感数据使用的合法性和未来技术的标准化; 区块链公开、透明、可追溯、不可篡改等特性,确保了公链区块链个人数据的真实性,防止了数据被恶意使用及用户隐私泄露的风险。


首先是森林防火救火,使用区块链上的卫星监测,无人直升机集群点面立体防火灭火, 数据经过加密再通过预言机技术把真实场景写入公链区块链,利用时间戳来保证数据精确度;使用区块链大数据保障当地居住人口的日常生活需要靠山吃山,靠水吃水,依靠南美洲亚马逊丛林保护好的自然生态资源发展旅游、养殖、农业、加工业发展区块链生态产业。旅游、养殖、农业区块链生态产业产生的税费上缴给政府,政府收到税费等财政收入购买森林防火救火的设备加强施行森林防火救火,保障当地居住人口的日常生活福利:建设区块链森林生态:进行政府的各个方面的有效运作;这样形成南美洲亚马逊丛林区块链闭环的良性大生态。

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