After the king of the currency plunged,Raising soldiers for thousands of days Use the soldiers for a while


After the king of the currency plunged,Raising soldiers for thousands of days Use the soldiers for a while
Bitcoin encountered a 'bridal diving' at 3:00 pm on September 25. OKEX data showed that the 24-hour cumulative decline was close to 20%, and the bitcoin price once fell to a low of 7660USDT. This is not only the first time since mid-June, Bitcoin fell below 8,000 US dollars, but also the lowest level in the past three months. Compared with the data in early August this year, the price of Bitcoin has plummeted by about 36%.
Futures market data showed that the bitcoin price index on BitMEX, the largest futures platform for cryptocurrency, also fell from $9,500 to $8,500 in just a few minutes, and once broke through $8,000, causing a burst, premium and liquidity. A series of chain reactions such as cognac.
In the 24 hours of September 25, BitMEX's bitcoin bursts amounted to $394 million. According to the statistics of the coin coin, today's entire network exploded 910 million USDT, of which about 6.32 million bitcoin contracts broke out, worth 71,000 bitcoins, or about 590 million US dollars. The spot and futures markets are paired into a 'great earthquake', which makes the market sorrowful.
After the collapse of the coin king, it also indicates the end of a band, whether your investment is earning or losing, if you can achieve "a red heart, two preparations!" Of course, the best, your mentality can be placed On a very stable meteorite, can withstand the baptism of any storm? ! With a very stable mindset, you should take it to the next level, Raising soldiers for thousands of days Use the soldiers for a while, soldiers - trader technology, including message surface analysis, technical analysis, handicap analysis, practical trading, with trading technology, you can think of progress, retreat, retreat More than enough. For example, some people make the simplest fixed investment, that is, some people say that using the butt to stir up the coin, it seems simple. If you don't know the depth, blindly cast it, the result is cast in the middle of the mountain, but it increases the cost and time. Time, and heavy losses or set a year or two. Therefore, the speculative currency can not blindly follow the trend, nor can it blindly speculate on the currency. It is necessary to learn the trading technique, the analysis of the market and the experience of the actual operation. Over time, with the skill of the trade, it is possible to enter the market and truly achieve "a red heart, two preparations." !"
比特币在9月25日早3:00遇到了‘断崖式跳水’,OKEX数据显示,24 小时累计跌幅逼近 20%,比特币价格一度跌至7660USDT的低点。这不仅是自 6 月中旬以来,比特币首次跌破 8000 美元,同时也是近三个多月的最低水平,对比今年 8 月初的数据,比特币价格相比已经暴跌了约 36%。
期货市场数据显示,加密货币最大期货平台 BitMEX 上的比特币价格指数,也在短短数分钟内从 9500 美元跌至 8500 美元附近,并一度击穿 8000 美元,引起了爆仓、溢价和流动性干涸等一系列连锁反应。
9月25日24 小时内数据,,BitMEX 的比特币爆仓金额高达 3.94 亿美元。而据币 coin 统计, 9月25日全网爆仓达 9.1 亿 USDT,其中约 632 万张比特币合约爆仓,价值 7.1 万个比特币,约合 5.9 亿美元。现货、期货市场成对‘大地震’,使得市场一片哀鸿遍野。

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