The era of information technology is to be "fast"


The era of information technology is to be "fast"
The chip computing power of traditional computers doubles every 18 months. That is, growth is a power of 2, and this doubling is of course exponential. The chip computing power of quantum computers is a double exponential growth, which is a power increase of 2 power. The process of quantum computer surpassing computer with double exponential growth is the result of the combination of two exponential factors. Specifically, quantum computers have inherent index advantages over classical computers. Judging from the research content disclosed by Google, it indicates that quantum science has entered a new stage. Moreover, quantum computing combines the two biggest technological changes in the past half century. One is information technology and the other is quantum mechanics. By replacing the traditional computer binary logic with the rules of quantum mechanics, you can overcome many difficult computing tasks.
The era of information technology is to be "fast." The world's martial arts, only fast: your product has to be iteratively fast, then your business data needs to develop fast, your financing is faster, your team's upgrade is faster, your PR response is faster, slower Which ring does not work. If the google paper is reviewed and published successfully, it shows that quantum computing has formed and realized quantum hegemony, and it has also achieved a comprehensive and large-scale transcendence of supercomputers (supercomputers) in traditional computers. The task of completing the super-calculation of 10,000 years from 3 minutes and 20 seconds is to achieve 8 orders of magnitude (525.6 million minutes in 10,000 years) and also break Moore's Law. If the google paper is reviewed and successfully published, it realizes the world's martial arts, and the undissolved axiom is like a supersonic missile that breaks through all the security systems. All security systems do nothing to directly hit the target. Realized the "fast" in the information technology era. And realize the product to be iterative fast, then your business data needs to develop fast, your financing is faster, your team's upgrade is faster, your PR response is faster, for example, will change the computer's three Principle: digital operation is realized by binary logic to ensure accuracy; electronic technology is used to realize control, logic operation and arithmetic operation to ensure calculation speed; structure that separates calculation function from binary number update storage function . It can play a subversive role in blockchain, classic password cracking, big data search, artificial intelligence, etc., and can be applied to combinatorial optimization, quantum chemistry, machine learning, etc. with practical value to guide new material design and drug research and development.

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