Looking to the future of blockchain at the end of 2019


Looking to the future of blockchain at the end of 2019
In terms of blockchain technology, since Satoshi Nakamoto developed decentralized Bitcoin, based on the Bitcoin white paper, peer-to-peer, distributed accounting, the development has formed the Bitcoin ecology, Ethereum ecology, graphene technology ecology, And their derivative ecology, etc., are constantly changing, updating and progressing.
In terms of block chain functions, it is playing an increasingly important application in various fields such as finance, medical treatment, education, health and environmental protection, aerospace, etc., with more and more comprehensive functions, more advanced, and closer to life.
In terms of blockchain interaction, which can allow you to obtain a wide range of benefits and capabilities, you should consider obtaining unimpeded and appropriate interactions between different platforms, and value transfer.
All the good things in the world are the fruit of creativity. The beautiful things of the blockchain with infinite value are the fruits of the creativity of thousands of creators. Looking forward to 2019, more creators will create more blockchain fruits.


来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

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