RSK's value for BTC lies in its ability to think creatively


RSK's value for BTC lies in its ability to think creatively

RSK is a smart contract platform for Bitcoin. Its engine is a forked version of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), and RVM (RSK Virtual Machine) is compatible with Ethereum smart contracts and tools for deployment and interaction with it. Smart Bitcoin (R-BTC) is a natural token in RSK and uses it to pay for the gas needed to perform transactions. It is pegged to Bitcoin at 1: 1, which means that there is exactly 21M R-BTC in RSK. A 2-way PEG (2WP) allows the transfer of Bitcoin from the Bitcoin blockchain to the RSK blockchain and vice versa.

The bee takes an intermediate path, collecting material from flowers in gardens and fields, but using one of its own powers to change and digest this material.

RSK is like a bee. The value of RSK lies in its ability to think creatively, that is, RBTC is anchored with Bitcoin, while RIF can be anchored with any other chain, and adopts a dual-pass design pattern. RSK is not only a side chain of Bitcoin, but also wants to achieve cross-chain cooperation with more chains. RIF and RBTC are dual tokens of RSK. RBTC is linked to Bitcoin in a 1: 1 ratio. It is RSK's native token. RIF is a token used to coordinate economic activities and consume RIF services. It can be used in many crypto economies, so it can be transferred to other crypto economies in.

智能比特币(R-BTC)是在RSK天然令牌,并将其用于支付用于执行交易所需的气体。它与比特币挂钩为1:1,这意味着在RSK中恰好有21M R-BTC。甲的2路PEG(2WP)允许比特币的转移从比特币blockchain到RSK blockchain,反之亦然。

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