The old man fell to the end to help?

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The old man fell to the end to help?
Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of society and the rapid development of science and technology, people's living standards have improved significantly and their quality has improved. However, there are still some uncivilized behaviors. The old man’s encounter with porcelain is one of them.
The phenomenon of porcelain touch has evolved with the development of society. Especially in recent years, the news of the porcelain incident has been endless, and it can be said that it is a big one. It is speechless that some old people have used people's kindness to touch porcelain, such as the old man in the high-tech zone, the old man in the Shantou, the case of the Sichuan Laotai children, etc., all of which are old people who are old and unrespected. The goodwill of others to gain benefits.
This kind of incident has also caused the adverse effects of many societies. The Xiaoyueyue incident is a very significant impact. In recent years, the elderly have fallen frequently. Everyone expressed their feelings, Fu Ge, the cost of the elderly is too high! Treating an old man to fall down and helping him to help is a question worth pondering.
The old man who can't afford it reflects the pain of the moral contract that the whole society can't afford. In the face of the true and false fall of the elderly, to be brave to stand up and go forward, the judiciary should also be shot when the shot, in order to truly build a beautiful social environment. There will be no more good people who have been chilled. It is recommended that the brave person should be rewarded and not let the hero bleed and cry.

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