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THE SHOPPING GAME: Date (21072020): Yummy Food today

I have a great breakfast together with @khimgoh this morning at Q Sentral Level 12 again... I had the same ommelet set I had two weeks ago.

We had a great catch up this morning until we forgot to take selfies together... hahaha... so this post will only have photos of food and receipts...

Because I had an awesome breakfast, I was really hungry during lunch time. But I had to have something or else I will ended up being hungry around 3 or 4pm...

So I went to the mamak restaurant downstairs of my office and buy a pack of rojak. Their rojak is quite yummy.

Rojak is consist of cucumber, sengkuang, taugeh, fried dough, hard boil egg and the rojak sauce... A bit spicy but I still can bear with it...

So total spent for my food today is breakfast RM6.90 and lunch RM5 which is RM11.90 / USD 2.70 / 13.05 STEEM.

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Your breakfast is looking so rich in nutrients. I can see boiled eggs if I'm not mistaken.

Here in Nigeria my mum takes only two or three eggs as breakfast. She's on diet keito or something. She'd never allow us do so.

Enjoy your breakfast. Totally wish I could order too but there's no restaurant or shopping mall nearby where they sell packaged breakfast



Yes. That's a whole hard boiled egg in the rojak.
Oh, keto diet... why she never allow you to do so?
We have roadside stalls nearby offices, housing areas and school selling food... So it's quite easy for us to get packed food here in Malaysia.

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Wow your good looking so attractive and colourful. Hope it also having good taste.

Enjoy your meal my friend. Thanks for sharing us.

Have a Nice Day.


They taste good! Thanks for dropping by! Happy Steeming!

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Hello @ladyyuajay
You had a great breakfast today. I can see the picture which you have shared. The food really seems tasty❤. I too like ommelet😅😛.
Happy shopping


Yes. The omelet is yummy! Thanks for dropping by!

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Hi @ladyyunajay
Actually you had a awesome breakfast. Your post was made me so hungry. I am also a food lover. So keep eating and shopping. ha haaaa...

Hi @ladyyunajay, your lunch looks really delicious..!
One question, is the sauce in the bag spicy? It is s lot, I imagine it taste good, it seems to..!


The sauce is slightly spicy.

Food looks delicious and i am beginning to realize that buying food seems to be a bit less costly in most countries as compared to Cameroon. In Cameroon, if you were to eat in a classy restaurant, you must have some good money.
Is that a Styrofoam dish?

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