Our trip to the hospital - the diary game 2020-06-04


Today René's eye gave us a scare, to the point our daughter had to take emergency leave to fetch her to the heart of Covid-19 battle hospital where it is also best cornea general hospital we have in the state our daughter is now staying in.

Also the closest.

The moment the doctors realised René had mild running nose 3 days prior they didn't want yo take risks, wore the PPE before attending to René.

Fortunately there were no bacteria or virus trace on her eyes (which they mentioned the could see abnormalities through their equipment) and they ruled out conjunctivitis which is usually caused my virus infection on weaken cornea layers.

Unfortunately there here defect found, and once again fortunately it was a very small wound, which can heal in a week's time, but will need to head back for follow ups next Wednesday.

Right now our daughter will be in charged of major cooking, while René is "out of commission" and resting with antibiotics drops every 4 hours.

That's all for today.

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Oh my!
We hope you are OK now aunty Rene!

Praying for your speedy recovery!

Best wishes
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Thankgoodness! Take a good rest Aunty Rene!

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Yes, but it is still very red. :(

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