Whisper Gallery II, Week V: Featured Artist is @movaliz! Next week is @errymil

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This is week IV of #Whisper! If any of you know of the game Telephone, this is a take on that. The beauty of Whisper is that it has no winners, and the excitement of it comes from the creative interpretations.

Steemians, welcome to Whisper Gallery II!

Whisper Gallery II, Week V: Featured Artist is @movaliz!

This week @movaliz brought out this amazing piece of digital art. I can see the words magic really being harnessed in this piece from previous artist @drawingsbymilena. Brilliant, and imaginative.

6. @movaliz.jpg

Check it out!

It's important o note that in this piece, @movaliz is single handedly representing the entire whisper gallery. This is what it's about because I can look back at almost every element of the previous piece by @drawingsbymilena and find where this was interpreted and changed from.

For those of you who appreciate the gallery, this art, or artists on the blockchain, please go follow them and give comments, likes, upvotes, re-steems, and if you're generous some tip!

How did Whisper Gallery I turn out? Click here!

What is Whisper?

A chain of artistic creations that are each initiated by a seed idea/art piece (one piece of artwork inspires the next piece, and so on). Each week we will have a featured artist who will create a piece that is inspired by the piece from the week before.

The beauty of this trail is seeing this creative interpretation and reinvention take place on a high level.



The Trail

Fête de la Musique, 2018 by @manouche

Dance, 2018 by @soyrosa

Jack, 2018 by @pyrowngs

4. @drawingsbymilena.jpg

Motion, 2018 by @drawingsbymilena

6. @movaliz.jpg

Magic Fairy, 2018 by @movaliz

Helping Build an Art Community

We want to collectively build an art community. This is a great way to connect us, support each other through up-votes, comments, and follows. Steemit can be a slow-growing platform for creatives starting out, and the future goal is to roll this into a community event where people can be perpetually submitting to the chain.

With Whisper Gallery I now behind us, I have found so much gratification in the ability to bring more eyes to artists as well as create a showcase beyond the contest level. Art is often abstract to people, and I think when we're able to tell a collective story in our own styles, it begins to unravel that mystery for some. If our goal is to make more art, more appreciators of art, more supporters of the art community, and more people happy in general, I think we've succeeded. More to come!

Steemians, I encourage everyone to re-steem this post to gain more eyes on the project and allow the artists to get more rewards for their high-quality work. Every comment, upvote, resteem, and follow helps!


Thanks to several community members for the support. I greatly respect and appreciate @sndbox for allowing this to be pushed forward and succeed in the way it did.



Steemians, please let me know what you think of Whisper Gallery I so far in the comments below!


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