Whitmer Calls Women "Menstruating People"

2개월 전

“I brought a lawsuit on behalf of all the menstruating people in Michigan – 2.2. million….”
-- Governor Whitmer of Michigan

How does Governor Whitmer know how many people in Michigan menstruate? Is she assuming that all human females menstruate? That’s clearly incorrect. Pre-pubescent girls don’t. Nor do post-menopausal women. And not all girls start menstruating at the same age nor do all women stop menstruating at the same age. So how would the governor know how many “menstruating people” live in her state? What is the basis for the governor’s figure of 2.2 million? Is there a government survey that asks all females (or a representative sample of all females) in Michigan about their menstrual cycle?

In what way, if any, is referring to female humans (or human females) as “menstruating people” preferable to saying “females” or “women” or “girls and women”?

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