The power of power nap

6년 전

This is not a science topic or a breakthrough, it has the whysoserious tag. Plenty of material can be found on the net. Very helpful for those how got little time for sleep and work hard. And for those who work too much and have to stay on there feet the whole shift. I used to practice power sleep. A former Commando (Yes, Comando like special operations hard core commando) told me about this when I worked as a wall painter in Germany 10 years ago. He got sick and tired of the military and war so he ended up in Germany working as a wall painter. But that's a different story. So lets focus on power nep, I'll explain how I do it. After work, I go home grab something to eat and the first moment I get sleepy that's the moment when power sleep is most effective. Go to bed, lay down, close you're eyes and take a nap. The nap position is not that important, you can do it while sitting on a chair at work. Be careful not to sleep long, in my case it's a counter effect, im more exsosted than before. Max sleeping time for power sleep should be 10 too 15 minutes. The result is great! Your energy is restort to the max and you can endure the rest of the day without yawning. Better than coffee, our favorite energy drink and cheaper than Amphetamine if your in to it, I am not! . It is great but gets little hard when you have three kids like I do. No worries, it is not impossible to practice power nap for 15 minutes or even less. Shopping, jogging, workout, whenever you feel a little tired or sleepy you lay down on a bench in the park for 15 min an "voila" you keep on doing what you where doing.

Even better taking it to the next level power nap while sleep walking. Just imagine, you're in the office at work and must go to the copy machine, power nap walking from destination A to B.

Or you are wating in line to buy something in the store, no problem at all a 5 minute nap, buy and off you go. Or you are driving home from work, but don't do that if the car has no autopilot like Tesla cars.
Thanks for reading and have a nice nap!

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